Best Maggie Tweaks/upgrades

I have a pair of 3.6R's driven by Bryston monoblocs and all is well, but it's time to tweak. I've already ordered some Mye stands, and now I want to hear from happy owners about their tweaks and upgrades. I know that there are some of you who have messed around with the crossovers and the wiring, but I can't seem to track down those threads. Also, I don't recall anyone describing costs and necessary tools/expertise. I'd prefer tweaks that a non-techie can safely do.

Thanks much.
The best tweak I did for my Maggies was a lot of work but well worth it. I epoxyed all of the crossover components to the lower back of each speaker and then re-wired the crossovers with Tara internal wire. I then added upgraded binding posts for bi-wiring. This removed the external crossover boxes and extra speaker cable from the signal path. The cost was minimal but the work was substantial, requiring a basic understanding of schematics. There is also a Maggie forum over at Audio Asylum just for panel-heads like us with tons of info.
I mounted cone feet on the bottoms of my MGIIIA's and then coupled that to 1 1/2 inch thick granite slabs which sit on the floor.
Check the Magnepan users group. I recall reading about some owners replacing the caps and inductors (with much higher quality ones) in the crossover. Changing the wiring and binding posts as well also makes sense since all of these oem parts are really cheap. I almost did the mods myself but ended up selling my Maggies instead.
Crossovers are a must- though no two audiophiles will agree on what to do :( I am going to start with new external and then at a later date rewire and create a new internal crossover(wiring will be Jena Labs)

Stands are also a must- you've got good stands, the Mye stands are highly regarded, they come with cones and can be filled with sand/lead so its a good deal. The only possible better stand is the one I am making and if it is to go to market they will be $1000+ That being said the Mye stands are the value stand available.

Wings- You want easy bass- it won't add the freq. response of new crossovers or the increased out put but it will add a sense of "slam" that you didn't have before- the idea of wings is that they reduce the amount of cancelation each channel has be reflecting the rear wave away from one another.

Room Lens- A great tweek and if you make them your self they will cost less then $100. It may take a few weekends to make them the right way but its worth the labor, and to the ammature eye its hard to tell the difference.

I agree with the mentioning of MUG they have tons of information. click here to visit MUG.
Hang big absorbant curtains behind them