anyone tried Jolida amps with Maggies?

I am going to get some Magnepan MMGs for my new house and was wondering if anyone had success with Jolida amps and this model. I would probably want to try the 502-B or 1501RC with the MMGS. Anyone have any advice on this combo? My room is 12' x 14' carpeted.
There is a dealer here in Northern California who always does this. Frankly, I don't like the combo: lots of lost detail. No, the Jolida needs to drive a more efficient speaker. I onced used a 102b to drive my Soliloquy 5.3s, and the sound was encouraging.
Uhm not enough juice. I tried my Cary SLA 70 on the Maggies and it just doesn't get it up even at very low volumes, high current speaks: (almost a purely resistive load-my hind quarters)just don't do well with toobs, it makes them sound slow, dull and closes in.

For Maggies get ye to a high current, HIGH quality amp.

How many watts does your Jolida have and is a fairly high current design ?
I used to run my old 1.6's with a 45 watt CJ and thought it sounded great.
The 502-B is definately underpowered, but the 1501RC is a perfect match for the MMG's. It will drive them beyond 90 db without distortion in a carpeted room 16x22x10. Do a search on Audio Asylum.
If you like the Jolida sound through maggies, get an aragon instead. The aragon will put out enough power for the hungry maggies.