Question for Maggie 1.7 owners

When I got my 1.7s, I set them up with both spacers to give the a slight backward tilt. I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with using 2, 1, or none...and what, if any effect it has on soundstage, imaging, etc.
I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to hear such a fine difference between using 1 or 2 spacers; but maybe my ears aren't as good as yours. In my experience it's more important to have a good power amp, correct speaker location away from the back and side walls, proper toe-in, and using a smidge of equqlization found in the best software such as Amarra to help enhance low bass. I can spend endless time getting these things right.

I've never tried your specific experiment, but I have more than a little experience with the 1.7. Best wishes in your experiments.
--Tom from Sacramento
No experience with the 1.7's, but with the 1.6's I found a slight forward tilt to be better. I had Mye stands which made this easy and did not subject the speakers to danger of being knocked down when tilted forward.
Thanks. I'm going to mess with them. I have serious back issues, so it's easier to ask opinions first. LOL. May insert resisters too just to see.
Let us know what you think with the different spacers. Also interested in this topic but haven't experimented. I think it will be dependant on distance between listening chair and the speakers.

Unfortunately, I sit in 2 different chairs in the room so will need to compromise.
Start with all 4 per speaker and experiment with the 1.5 ohm supplied resistors in place, tweeters on the inside.
Move speakers back or forward maintaining arc for tweeter alignment and adjust for best in room response and soundstage.
Cheers JohnnyR
Forward tilt. I actually put coasters under mine. Once you get them setup it's easy to hear the sweet spot versus non sweet spot. Just standing up out of my listening chair is noticeable. Then again they sound great in the next room too. I don't use the resistors and I have a hard wood floor. If you have carpet I'd say they're not needed. Try without first.