Maggie 12 vs MMG

I just got the MMGs and I love them. My question is should I take advantage of the upgrade offer and get the 12s?

The only difference I can see are that the 12s go a little lower and are a little bigger. Does anyone know if there are additional benefits from the 12s? I am not sure that the previous 2 are worth $600. thanks
Bad news...upgrade does not apply to the 12s...only to the 1.6 and higher...good news...Maggies have good resale value...even the MMGS...the 12s have the latest Maggie it worth $600?...thats your call...if you want a speaker that will reveal electronic upgrades,cables,etc..the 12s would do it...and do it well...
I don't know about the 12's specifically, but I do know that MMG's are greatly improved upon by the more expensive models - and you get even more of that inimitably wonderful 'Maggie sound'.
I had both. First the MMG's were smoother, less revealing, less dynamics, shorter soundstage. Just less of everything but the MMG might be more musicial. The MG-12's more of everything and not much bigger.(the 1.6 are way bigger). They both are nice speakers but the two things that made me to move on were, the shorter than normal soundstage height and ear (listening) fatigue on the MG-12's. You have to listen at higher than normal(all Maggies)(I like low levels) listening levels for them to come alive.(also harder to set up to sound there best). Could it be efficiency and dynamics? A sub. might help?
I went to a high eff., dynamic speakers, with tube int. amp and different cables.I like them alot. But I do miss the Maggie sound at times.
Thanks for the help.

About the trade up program: I had called and they said you could trade up to the 12s within the first two months. but for some reason the paperwork doesn't say the same thing.

Sound stage: you are right. my sound stage doesn't go more than about a foot in front of the speakers but that might have to do more with placement than anything else.
About trade Maggie direct for was my
understanding one had a yr. to to do it...but that was awhile ago..cheers
Clarification...two months applies to the refund policy if you are unhappy with the MMGS...this is not the same as the upgrade options...which unfortunately dont apply to the MMGs
...good luck