Best Integrated for Audio Physic Virgo III?

I am looking at getting a used integrated amp ($1500 range) for my Virgo III. Looking for a smallish amp if possible. Any thoughts on the following?

Plinius 8200mkII
Plinius 9100
YBA integrated DT

I am leaning toward the 9100 but have not heard much about it. I will be taking it to EU so smaller is better and I will need to be able to change the voltage.
You gotta check out the new Jolida 707A. For the money and the sound, I don't think anything can touch it (and I personally own the Hovland setups).
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Owned the YBA for 7 years. Absolutely loved it. Still think it's of the best SS 50 watts out there. If YBA hadn't come out with the Passion, I'd probably, still have my Integre. peace,warren
I have known a dealer who said that the Densen B100 works really well with the virgos. It's European so no problem with the voltage, and can be bought in the US from

I run a Densen with SPica speakers and the imaging is great, with a very smooth top end.
I have one vote for the Musical Fidelity A308. I would take that over all the others listed in my opinion. I've heard it with the Virgo III's and thought it sounded great.
I have a full YBA 3 setup including the amp for sale. They are all brand new in the box. Let me know if interested. I will make you a great deal on this. I have the following to sell (all new in box except for the Viva) and willing to sell them new for less than 50% new retail price which is listed:

YBA 3a Cd Player $3,400.00
Yba 3a DT Amp $2,400.00
YBA 3a Preamp $1,850.00
Art Audio VP1 with phono stage gold and crhrome $2,750.00
Custom Power Company 10 ft T G Special Ver. 2 3 of them 1250 each $3,750.00
CPC Top Gun Spec. V.2 8ft 2 of them 1200 each $2,400.00
CPC TG V.2 4ft $ 950.00
Viva Linea Preamp Trade in Charcoal and Black $9,000.00
Call me or e-mail me if interested:
Rick Eller
916 681-8563
Cary and Audio Physic are a great match in my experience.
I have an Antique Sound Ki 115st and it's amazing - in some ways better than my Audio Research Ref II Mk I paired with Mark Levinson 432. May switch to their Leyla but it's not in your range. According to Tosh at Divergent Tech (the distributor for Antique) he recommends the 1005 integrated at a price new what you would spend for something used. I have an upgraded ARC CD 3 and use Omega NBS cables all around.
Used Gryphon Tabu ($2000 - $2500)