Virgo user need advice for matching subwoofer?

hi, there,

finally, i got my Virgo,and I do like it. now, I am thinking buying a subwoofer. any opinion?
AP offer Luna and Rhea, any difference b/w them.
thanks folks.

Well the most recommended subs for music certainly are the various RELs and the ACI Titan II LE. ACI has also added a new one called The Force which looks quite interesting to me for size/price/performance/flexibility. ACI continues to be my pick for subs unless one can afford the Aerial which is a superb piece.

Either a single or pair of REL Strata III's
I had Virgo's and the obvious choice was the Rhea. World class sub, designed to integrate with the Audio Physics product line, especially the Virgos. And you can find them on AudioGon reasonably priced :-)
Check out Fremmers review on Stereophile a few years back on the rhea. it's going to be a great seamless match with your speakers...I've owned the combo before...
I have owned the REL storm and have two audio physics lunas. The REL is a fine sub but the Luna is much better. I haven't heard the Rhea but I am sure it is another step up. I got the Luna's because I wanted stereo subs and cost wise and size wise the Luna's made more sense. Mine are not matched to Audio Physics speakers. I am using them with Lamhorns and REP drivers. With Audio Physics speakers I think it would be a no brainer to use the Luna or Rhea.
I have seen the light ! The new King of subs the REL killer. Art of Sound makes the best, fastest most pitch accurate bass I have ever heard. Check out
I have a pair of Vandersteen 2WQ's that match up quite nicely with my Libras.
thank folks, for all your decentinputs. as a virgo owner, it is sensible to buy a AP sub, have you heard Minos from
Audio Physic? I have told that they are great match, and better than Rhea?

thank again.