Base for Audio Physic Virgos

Any Virgo owners that have experience with the metal base compared to the standard wood base please comment. Does it change/improve the sound. I have had my Virgo II' s for a couple of years and love them but was curious if changing the base would improve the music.
I've tried them both. Maybe, I think they look better, but I can't really say it does a whole lot for the sound. I've heard things like rollerblocks or symposium shelves make a huge difference. Even michael fremmer in stereophile said a few years back when he owned them that Yammura speaker bearings helped him a bunch...
The Symposium Svelte Shelves make a huge improvement on this speaker. Reall helping to eliminate most of the midbass hump and the resulting congestion in the lower midrange. Really a must sudition with this speaker.
Chelillingworth. The speakers are currently spiked through carpet to a concrete floor. Do you think the symposium svelte shelves will still provide the benefits you describe. Thanks