Best IC cabling under $1000 for tube system

I'm not sure of how to put together a strategy on how to find the best cable set for my hifi system.

I would like to end up with a pair of 1m rca analog IC to run between both a Musical Fidelity TriVista 21 DAC and my JOR and another pair to run between the JOR and a Valab NOS DAC. So 2 pair of analog IC's.

I need a 1m Digital IC to run between my Teac VRDS-10 and my TriVista.

I have the other USB cables from my Mac Mini to the Valab and my speaker cables, which are Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators. I also have a couple of decent OFC Silver-plated Audiophile Power Cable + OYAIDE C-079 which I bought off EBay.

2 pairs of 1m analog IC's
1 1m digital IC
.... best ones for under $1000.

Virtual Dynamics has their Nites on sales now.
I really like the Tesla Acellerators.

.... those are cables I really like but, that I might be able to find preowned here on AGON that might fit my budget. And that also makes me wonder if I should keep all of my cables from the same maker. The mix I am using now sound great.

Again, I am just trying to learn how to logically find cables that I love and will be able to live with for a long time without continually looking for something better.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
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I have used both the Nite Platinum and Ridge Street audio Poiema i/cs and both are fantastic cables...Both work exceptional in my system..Any cable you buy is about system synergy...My guess is if you are using all tubes the Poiema i/cs will be your best fit due to them being more straight up neutral..In many systems a combinamtion of Copper and Silver cables is the right fit....At least that is what works for me...Both companies are great to work with.. Robert ( Ridge Street ) is one of our true great pople to work with...
check out my gear. I have owned very pricey big name brands in the past and the stuff I have now is tops.
This thread will inevitably result in another well intentioned laundry list of
everyone's favorite interconnect.

In the end, not very helpful in identifying what you will prefer in your system,
with your gear and with your ears.

I suggest contacting The Cable Company and utilizing their advice and their
"lending library". They will provide you will several options based
on your system and preferences. Find some interconnects you like and be

Searching for "the best" will be a never ending journey, which is fine,
but you have to be willing to take it knowing there's no final destination.
I second everything that Tvad says. Cables are a very tricky, and a very personal choice. Some are very happy with very inexpensive offerings, some, not so much so.

I've tried many, many, many cables over the last several decades, yet I would not bother to post a recommendation.....because I have learned that recommendations from others, no matter how well intended, mean very, very little.

Enjoy the journey,
Garbriel Gold Revelation MK2
I hate to give the generic response but, I found the Gariel Gold cables to be so superiour to anything in it's price range I have to recommend them as well - if you can find them used, the Revelation mkI can be had for about $350 each (Facten, I think the MKII would put Mattzack over his budget)
I third the recommendation for trhe Gabriel Gold Revelation MK 2 and Gabriel Gold Extreme MK2
Mattzack2 do you mean $1000 each or for all 3 cables?
At this point, I was speaking of all 5 cables for $1000. They are a couple of ways that I could modify that amount of cables ...

If I eliminate the TriVista DAC on this system, I will only need 2 analog IC's between the Valab and the Jadis, and only 1 digital between the Teac VRDS-10 and the Valab. In fact, I could run a fiber between the Teac and the Valab. That boils it down to just great analog pair between the dac and the amp.

That might be the wisest thing to do at this point.

So that modifies the original question to be looking for the best analog IC's on a tube system.

I think the Gabriel Golds were highly recommended a few times throughout this thread, so I will be on the lookout for a great deal on those.

Does it realy make any difference what type of fiber toslink used? I would think jitter would be practically non existant on even a mediocre fiber.
I just ordered a pair of Gabriel Gold Revelation MK2's and a pair of Amphenal glass toslinks.

I hope to have these early next week or sooner, so I will be comparing these to what I have been using and let you know what I find out.

Next on my project list is the Obbligato bypass capacitors for my Valab.

Thanks for all your advise !
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The Gabriel Gold Revelation MK2's came in this afternoom. Very nice to look at and hold, like a sexy lady's leg.

I connected them between my Jadis Orchestra Reference and my Valab (2009) DAC. I connect my Valab to my Teac VRDS10 with a new Amphenol glass fiber.

I have been listening to some Dido and a few other new age electronica type artists for about the last 4 to 5 hours. It sounds terrific. The soundstage is wider and a lot of the effects seem to lasso around the room. It makes for a nice, spacey entertainment. The clarity is very noticable also. You seem to hear a lot more texture in the electronic sounds.

Tomorrow, I will playing a lot of soul music and I am anxious to hear how great the bands sound, but for tonight, I am trapped by the likes of Dido and Oystein Sevag, and enjoying every minute of it.

Happy listening !

In a single word: Morrow, especially the speaker cables, SP2s at the very least. The PH2s are very nice for phono; others rave about his ICs. I haven't found a single 'gonner who has used Morrow who disses his cables. And believe me, I've gone through his feedback and have contacted those who have bought from him to get an update on their view of their Morrows.

My tube system (which has RSA USB from MacMini to the DAC, and RSA ICs from the DAC to the pre, and RSA ICs from the pre to the tube monoblocs has Morrow speaker cables. Unbelieveable combination. I had Accelerators on that system until the Morrows. The Accelerators are now on another system doing real well there.

Otherwise, go with the SR Accelerators: awesome cables, but much pricier in comparison to the Morrows.

Yeah, I know, flame away!

:) listening,


Ed -
Now, I'm fairly new to all this high end stuff, but I know that the stuff that I know as fact is the same stuff that I used to find totally unbelievable about 2 or 3 years ago. After looking at those skinny little wires, I had to actually stifle a chuckle.

But I only chuckle because I know that you are probably right. I think the only cables that I have seen so far that seem outlandishly funny to look at and still get the rave reviews are the Mapleshade cables. No offense to Mapleshade or Morrow. I can see your loyal followers and read your excellent reviews.

I think Ed's previous post just struck a funny bone. I'm loving the HiFi hobby so much.... Thanks for the chuckle Ed, and I honestly believe the Morrows might be able to compete with my Gabriel Golds, and I think it would be fun to be able to have a face off. Someday CyberSpace might allow auditioning the products with a virtual reality system that includes HiFi audio in it.

Happy listening !
mattzack2-have you viewed the active Gabriel Gold thread.
I just did Bobf. I think Steve is really going to keep getting better and better with his cables. I see you have the Raptures. I bet they sound heavenly.

I have been listening to my new GG almost non-stop since they arrived yesterday. They have made a huge improvement the soundstage and clarity. I better get some work done or my wife is gonna get a little cranky.... even though she is getting all my hand downs when I upgrade my system. She is getting a MF TriVista 21 DAC, an Amphenol Glass Toslink, and a pair of Straightwire Serenade IC's this weekend, so she has been pretty happy so far.

Happy listening !
04-01-09: Mattzack2
Ed -
Now, I'm fairly new to all this high end stuff, but I know that the stuff that I know as fact is the same stuff that I used to find totally unbelievable about 2 or 3 years ago. After looking at those skinny little wires, I had to actually stifle a chuckle.

Chuckle if you wish, but hearing is believing. I have downsized quite a bit in the last 8 months, mostly due to the economy. I'm even down to a puny integrated amp, a VAC Avatar Super with upgraded tubes. I made quite a bundle selling my cables and power cords too. Now I'm down to using the skinny, silly looking Mapleshade Clearview Double Golden Helix plus speaker cables. Yes, they aren't quite as good as some as the big names that I've owned from Stealth, PAD, Jade, etc, but they are surprisingly close, especially when you consider the cost.

I've learned that speaker cables don't have to look like garden hoses to sound good. I've also learned that possibly the best termination is no termination. Live and learn.

Nothing would surprise me in this hobby. The point I was trying to make was that the 2 cables that I mentioned both have a look to them that do not come close to the rest of the pack, yet they have a very loyal following.

I hope I didn't come acroos as disrespectful to any brand. I am having a great time since I found Audiogon, learning a lot, improving my systems, and enjoying the ride. I was amused with the look of the cables, because I thought I had seen a lot of remarkable things in HiFi, and here was another.

Happy listening !