Equipment:Want to replace interconnects, price negotiable for right cables. Pleasing sound with detail, great soundstage and very neutral.All the equipment will remain only the IC cables will go first than speaker cables.

Speakers: Martin Logan Prodigy
Amp: Mark Levinson No.336
Preamp: Mark Levinson No. 380s
CD Player: Mark Levinson No. 390s
Anolog Fm Tuner: Magnum Dynalab MD102
Speaker Cable: Monster M2.4 (15ft. pr)
Interconnects: M1000i
I would call Paul at" the cable company " 1 800 fat wyre he has allways done right by me they have an extensive lending library and also some high end pre owned cables at great savings. My personal favorites are the Nordost's I think you may want to give them a listen start with the spm's , quattro fils or the capo de capo the valhalla's but let your ears be the judge . Dont pinch pennies on the cables it is alot cheaper to do it right the first time than it is to keep trading up, a lesson that I learned the hard way
Check out the Pure Note Epsilon Reference IC's and speak cables. I'm very happy with mine!
I second Jdevine's suggestion to audition. Flat cables should be one choice (e.g. Nordost, goertz), bearlabs (borrow from the site), siltech, and purist -- all have relatively different geometries & can give you alead to what *type* of cable agrees with the system & your personal preferences. There are many other "representative" products, I just named a few that came to mind & I had tried when in a similar situation to yours. Good luck!
I'm using Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway II's with
my predominantly Mark Levinson system and Magnepan
MG1.6 speakers. My speaker cables are Alpha-Core
Goertz MI-2. I've been satisfied with both.
Try the Kimber SELECT series --10 series = single ended,
11 series indicates balanced. The 1011 (or 1111) is an all-copper cable, the 10/11-21 series uses pure silver --silver for signal, copper for ground), while the spectacular 10/1130 is entirely all pure silver. If you can swing the extra dollars for the silver series, you'll have yourself a IC cable of outstanding tranparancy, detail, soundstage focus and at the all-too-elusive natural tonal colors that give music a natural and life-like perspective.
The Kimber Monocle/Bi-Focal speaker wire is also an excellent choice for your equipment. Give em a listen. Oh, one more thing. Ensure that the IC cables (particularly the silver series) have been fully burned-in. Sadly, unless you have a cable-cooker, it takes 1,000-1,500 hours of playing time before these cables settle in. But when they do, I'll bet you'll have a hard time leaving your listening chair....

peter jasz
i replaced my nordost 'valhalla' ics/speaker cables with HMS grand finale cables for 1/3 the price and like them better.if you truely want to hear how good your system can sound you need to hear these ics and speaker cables...there is a 30 day $-back guarantee with them and they come to you fully cooked on a cable cooker so there is no break-in time to put up with.
Nordost Red Dawns for IC's and Kimber BiFocal for speaker
I have a ML 334/380/390s combo with Audio Physic Avanti Century speakers. I had Audioquest Diamond X3 ICs with Dragon 2 cable. I changed to Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway II's and Magic One ICs, with Pro-9 speaker cable. I found the Harmonic Tech cables much more open and detailed compared to the Audioquest cables. The change was not small.
Good Luck
The Stealth PGS gold cable will give you a very natural,open and detailed sound.Much better than alot of stuff out there.As for speaker cables,Acoustic Zen's line is hard to beat for the money.IMO.Good luck.
in fact i' m looking for best balanced interconnects and speakercables
but first think about powercables: cheap and very efficient: OSH (specially treated teflon)
choose between JPS cables - cz gel - kimber cables - HMS cables - goldmund - ...

my system: proceed CDP - pass aleph P - classé audio CA201 - proac future 1
Your equipment is too good to consider anything but Nordost Valhalla, Purenote, Sahuaro, Acoustic Zen and Empirical Audio
The Martin Logan's absolutely LOVE the Music Metre Signature speaker cables. Interconnects are very good too, new ones go by another name.
Might also want to check out the 8 foot Mangnan Signature speaker cables that just came up for sale here for $400..
Check out Zu cable Warmouth and Stealth CWS interconnects.
I have a Krell 7.1 and a Krell 1500 amp powering 4 Legacy Focus speakers and a center and these IC's were my final choice over many of the brands mentioned.
Add the Zu Varial to your list, Very Transparent