Looking For Small Body RCA Interconnects

I have a Fisher 400 receiver which has really close together RCA input/output jacks. They are so close together that typical audiophile interconnects will not fit on adjacent jacks. The problem is I need to use three sets of adjacent I/O for an aux input and a tape input/output loop. Right now the only ones I can get to work are the cheap "throw-in" cables I got with cheap mid-fi purchases. Looking for better quality and I'm willing to consider DIY. Price is no object, but I'm only going to spend under $300, total.
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Well, you are going to spend very little. Switchcraft makes excellent RCAs that Shindo uses as well. They are very inexpensive and low mass. Great sounding, no nonsense.

The 3502 or 3507 should work. the 3502A may be a bit large. Have a look at the Switchcraft RCA selection at Mouser.com; they may have models that are even smaller in diameter.
Have you take a look at Audience Au24 ?
Used 1m Au24 (not "e" version) is around $250-300
I have them in my system, sound really good
Since you need 3 sets for under $300 I would recommend the JW Audio Cryo Nebula or Auricle Audio Encore Kapton. I own both of these solid core interconnects and they've been quality performers in my system. Both have small connectors especially the Auricle Audio.
Everybody thanks. I haven't decided what to do.