Best CD Player under 4000 to replace Linn Genki

any opinions on a cd player to replace the Linn Genki. I will be using the MF Nu-vista m3 integrated. Cardas Golden Cross from cd to integrated. Nordost blue heaven speaker cable bi-wired to Nautilus 804 speakers.
you must try out the new Granite Audio 657 tube CD player
it is as good as any SACD unit out there --check out the reviews on av science and on audiogon

Why not save up for the new MF Nu-vista CD player? According to Stereophile it's the last CD player you'll ever buy. That said, I still like my Meridian 508.24 with my N804s.
Try and find one of the used 47labs Flatfish w/progression dac set-ups.....excellent and a bargin at the used prices.
Listen to the New Cary 303/200. I did and it is on its way. Very analog in presentation. It is amazing how good one piece digital playback systems sound these days. You have many choices. I have heard very good things about the new Meridian 588 and the Sony SCD players. Good Luck
The Linn IKEMI of course!
I am a Genki owner looking to upgrade also. I am intrigued by SACd as my system is geared towards clarity and openess but I still wonder what the difference is in the good CD only players. My experience has been that digital differences hit diminishing returns very fast.
Metronome CD-2V Signature tubed output,outstanding!!!
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MkII. Or get a used MkI for about $2k!
Sony's new flagship XA777ES with full blackgates + superclock + Richard Kern output stage. $3,600 all-in ($2K for the player and $1,600 for the mod). Well, it's not ready yet .... but when it is .... I think it will challange or surpass the best at Redbook or SACD.
Sorry, Jeff, but I would replace the 804N first! Unless your room somehow makes 'em work well, I found their spectral tilt to be just too weird. The 803N is far better balanced, although it requires a large room to cohere well.
You could probably fair-trade 'em for something with a more natural midrange like the Revel Performa F30 and be satisfied with your Genki. THEN ugrade that later.
Just my skewed opinion....
If you like the house sound of the Linn, the Ikemi seems a natural choice.

I listened to quite a few 1 box players before I bought my Cary 303. I suggest you consider the 303 (or better yet, the Cary 306/200 - call Upscale Audio for price quote - you might be surprised), Meridian 508.24, Electrocompaniet EMC1 MkII, Metronome, and of course, the Ikemi. Slightly different flavors, all very musical involving players that will improve upon your Genki. One box digital can be amazingly good for the $$ these days.

SACD can sound quite wonderful. However, I've listened to the Sonys and NONE of them can touch the above players for regular Redbook CD playback IMO. NO way.

Front end is critical - you can't really improve the original input on down the audio chain. Change it, yes. Improve it, no.

Good luck.