Best CD Player - Opinions?

I currently have a Wadia 850 CD player within a dual Home Theater / Audio system. I'm looking to upgrade and contemplating the Wadia 850, EMC-1, Levinson or Krell 28kps CD players. What opinions do you have on the best CD player I can pick? Thanks for the help.

Krell FPB 300cx amp
Krell KAV 250 (3) amp
Krell KAV 250 amp
Wadia 850 CD
Krell HTS 7.1
Cardas Golden Cross Interconnects / Speaker Cable
Dennon 3700 DVD
Nautilus 802, 805 and HTM1 Speakers
M&K 350 Sub
From your list, i'd definitely go with the Wadia player.
If i were to put (again) 3k in a CD Player today, it would definitely be in an EMC1 Mk II or a Audio Aero.

You should ad the Audio Aero,the Mephisto II and Accuphase 75v which in my opinion are better than any you have on your list,though in some cases more money.
An Audio Research CD-3 is probably the best there is with
the CD-2 used being the best bargain in the industry.
I have exactly the same considerations: upgrading from a WADIA 850. The bottom line of all information I could get was: WADIA 270/27ix or Capitole. If you love the WADIA sound go for the WADIA combo. I will....
Good luck!
a list of "the best" one-box cdp's isn't complete without the addition of the burmester cdp-001. it uses a belt-drive on a top-grade (consumer) phillips transport and an upsampling dac. if you like german design, build quality and sound, the 001 definitely deserves an audition. -cfb
Looks like you are a big Krell fan - I am too. My recommendation would be the Krell KPS-28c, to match your other Krell components. While Krell sound may not to everyone's taste, I find the details, range extension, speed and dynamics of Krell components quite unmatched, and these qualities suit my taste quite well. I don't particularly like laid-back, warm and fuzzy sound.

I have a KPS-28c cd player coupled with Krell KAV amps, and I have not been disappointed, although I look forward to upgrading to a FPB amp in the future. Like you, I have Nautilus speakers (801s/HTM-1/805), but with Lexicon MC-1. So far I am still enjoying my set up very much, until maybe someday when I get tired of the Krell sound.....
Go with the Mark Levinson 39 cd Player or
the current ML 390.
Thanks all for the ideas. This gives me alot to think through before my next upgrade. Great feedback!!!

Just curious, with my current set up what would you upgrade first (add a preamp or digital)?

My vote would go to the BAT VK-D5SE. You owe it to yourself to listen to one of these units.
You know what Iam going to say. Levinson 39 and then upgrade it to the 390 which will blow your socks off. I spoke to a person who matched the new levinson 390 to the krell kps 28c and said the levinson was smoother more textured and layered sounding compared to the krell. In my opinion Levinson makes the best digital gear out there but there are other companys that do a good job. Good Luck. Also THE 39 WILL SMOOTH YOUR SYSTEM OUT, IT WILL REMOVE SOME OF THE ROUGH EDGES
Supermighty, do you currently own the Wadia 850, or your looking to get it. If you own it, you dont need to upgrade. That is an awesome CD Player.
I strongly agree with Brauser. The CD-2 had great reviews and sounds wonderful. It made me re-think that my attitude about my turntable. It is quite a bargain as a used CDP.
I currently own the Wadia 850. It's a typo in my original message - I ment to say I was considering upgrading to a Wadia 861.

I am leaning toward keeping the Wadia 850 and getting the reference upgrade through Great Northern Sounds. The feedback on their work with the 850 is great. Anyone who has any feedback on that please let me know

Get the upgrade from great Nothern Sound. Steve was a designer for Wadia. Another great Wadia CD Player was the 16. This was the CD Player the Wadia 850 and 860 replaced.