Best 5K used or new for Musical A308cr System

Looking for opinions on speakers that provide exceptional synergy with Musical Fidelity's A308cr system.

Musical Tastes: Rock (classic to current), Blues, Jazz, etc... very eclectic tastes but rock prevails in my colletion of 2,000+ cds'.

My budget is $5K for a pair of used or new speakers.

My equipment is:
Musical Fidelity A308cr Pre
Musical Fidelity A308cr Power amp
Musical Fidelity A308cr CD Player

Room Dimensions: 8' Cieling, 10.5' Wide, 15' Long.

Opinions and experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!!

With the exception of the cd player, I've heard the same setup with a pair of audio physic virgo III's and it sounded great. I was really impressed.
Find a used pair of Talon Raven-C spekaers. They will really rock, play soft or loud, have bass, are very clear, and also get the bybee filter upgrade and end your search. The Virgos do not do rock and roll with bass but do other things very well. Last word, dump the MF 308 amp for soemthing better, the 308 preamp was one of the best units from MF at that price point.

Happy Listening.
Very happy with my Piega P-10's. The ribbon midrange is excellent and the woofers put out strong bass for rock.
I would suggest the B&W Nautilus 803s with a subwoofer. MF and B&W mate well. The 308cr amp is a little bit light on the bass, so I would add the sub.
I second the piega p10's. Great all around speaker. At the used prices a steal...
Thanks for the input. I have heard the B&W's, and although they are very good speakers, they were not to my liking.
I have not yet had the pleasure of hearing the Talon or Piega speakers.
Considering the dimensions of my room, would the Talon or Piega models,have room to "do their thing" within my smallish room??
I plan on finding a dealer to audition both the Talon and Piega.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
any luck? would love to hear your results!

Having the 308CR integrated and the trivista DAC and B&W nautilus 803's they would be my recomendation. Before you discount them the 308 CDP is a little on the bright side and the 803'3 will bring this out. Look at cable and speaker combinations before making your decision on just speakers. It took 6 months to break my system in and get the sound to my liking. MF and B&W are an execelent match.