Musical Fidelity a308CR - amp type??

I recently purchased a used MF a308CR power amp and am quite happy with it! My issue is more with trying to figure out specifically what kind of amp (A, AB,etc.) it is. I have had no luck so far in my searches. I have the owners manual, but it doesn't specifically say. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?? I'm a novice with audiophile gear. Thanks!!
I owned the MF 308CR integrated a number of years back. IIRC it was class A/B with either 150 or 175 wpc. It didn't synergize with the speakers I had at that time. I sold it way too cheaply, as I bought it really well and took a substantial loss, on top of that.
Hi, Naz111,

Where did you get your 308cr power amp and how much have you paid? I am looking for one to match with my 308cr pre. thanks!
They are class a/b and biased to class a for about the first 8 watts. They draw 70watts at idle and stay nice and warm.