Benchmark ABH2 compared to Merrill Element Series and other ultra high end amps

The Benchmark ABH2 has received enthusiastic reviews from a number of sources as have the Merrill Element series of amplifiers.  Both are lauded for their low background noise, transparency and neutrality.  However the Benchmark amp, even allowing for its lower power rating, is a fraction of the price of the Merrill Element Series even when one uses two in a bridged monoblock configuration.  Has anyone directly compared the Benchmark ABH2 to the Merrill Element amps or other ultra high end amps such as Soulution, Constellation, etc ?
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I haven't made the comparison, but I'll soon be comparing the Benchmark LA4 preamplifier with the Boulder 1012...
@dr_joe I hope you can post some info on the comparison. I am interested in the LA4 vs something in the Boulder 1012 price range, the Mola Mola Makua. 
Just keep in mind the ABH2 only offers up 100w into 8ohms and 200w into 4ohms and 380W into 4ohms if running bridged mono. You’re very much likely to trip the amps protection circuits if you’re driving it into sub 4ohm loads since when running in bridges mode the amp is seeing half that.

Peronally I wish benchmark offered a more powerful version but Perhaps if they did that they couldn’t stick to the “Benchmark” philosophy of having the best stats on the market. There are trade offs with any design of any piece of electronic equipment.

The aforementioned uber amps, by constellation, pass labs, Solution tend to offer much more wattage and stability into 1ohm loads. Not even sure if the abh2 is stable into 1ohm, let alone 2ohm in stereo mode.