Bel Canto Pre3 vs Musical Fidelity A308CR

I am purchasing (have not received) two bel canto e. ref1000 amps and need a new pre-amp. A thinking of either of the two above (bel canto pre3 or MF A308 CR). Any suggestions? This system is going to be used for music only. Thanks. Ben
Why change stay with Bel Canto?
I have Ref1000's and have a Pre3 arriving on Tuesday. I'll let you know how they sound but don't have a Musical Fidelity to A-B-A with.
Well, I have had a chance to do some listinging to the combo and have upgraded cables to balanced AZ Ref. Silver. Sound is good but again, this is the only two channel pre I have used in this system.
I did end up staying with bel canto and purchased a new Pre3. Although I have only had it set up for a short time, I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for the input. - Ben
I own the MF A 308CR and am very happy with it. Robert Harley said in his review not too long ago something like, it had the best dynamics he's ever heard in a pre-amp. I enjoy it a lot, and use it with the matching MR A 308 CR amplifier. I'm thinking of picking up a pair of Maggie 20.1 speakers, but maybe my 19 x 16 room is too small - nice to have options.

What kind of speakers are you driving?
Question for Stearnsn and Vetin02, I noticed that you went for a Pre 3, why didn't you go with the Dac3?
I went with the Pre 3 because I figured the DAC in my 5910 is pretty good. I am so happy with the sound no I have not been on audiogon for several weeks! I did order a tube pre from Odyssey that I am going to A-B-A with the Pre3 though. I'll report when I get it.
I have been auditioning the Bel Canto Ref1000 mono blocks and Dac3, Dac3 being used as the pre. I just ordered the Pre3 to hook-up in the system to see if there are any differences. I did hook up a really good tube pre in the system and I was really impressed but this pre can't stay I borrowed it from my main system along with it is just too big for the set up.

This is a second set up and has to be "wife friendly."

Stearnsn it will be interesting to read what the outcome is once you are done the AB testing.
I prefer the tube sound in my system, particularly since I added NOS CBS/Hytron tubes in the Candela. I am making some major changes next week so my answer my change.
With new active speakers the PRe3 sounds better. Go figure. I am not ready to give up on the Candela yet though. I will try it again after some speaker break-in.
Dev - sorry, it's been awhile since I checked my threads. I went with the pre3 mostly due to costs at the time. I wasn't sure that I needed the DAC3 either although I've heard good things about it. I do really like the combo - now need to upgrade by CD player as I'm using a very old Denon unit right now. Looking into getting a tube CD - jolida, raysonic or shanling.
I have the pre3 and am very happy. It is versatil with many pieces of equipment. It does not color the sound. My tube or ss sources are able to play there sound. Great preamp.