Been away for awhile and need some help

Hello guys. I've been out of audio and HT for a couple of years. During this time I've relocated from Texas to Virgina and am in the process of closing on a new house with most of my stuff currently in storage.

My speakers (in storage) are a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III's, Klipsch KLF-C7 and a SVS sub. Big speakers and big sub. Problem is they're too big for our new home. I plan to install in-walls for surrounds, but we have built in shelving in the front so I will be limited to book shelve speakers for mains. Something that will fit between the bottom of the TV and the top of the fire place mantle for a center and between shelves for mains.

I don't have exact measurements yet, but I know I'll be limited to about 20" width for the mains (shelves are adjustable so height will not be an issue).

My SVS is one of the big cylinder units and I'm going to have to do something different here as well. The bottom of the cabinet is enclosed with doors. Do you guys think I can install something here that will work with the doors closed or am I going to have to up them up whenever I use the sub?

So with these limitations I wanted to get some suggestions for three good front speakers, two in-wall surrounds and a sub. I'm not shooting for really high end stuff, but for something that leans more toward the HT requirements that will also have good audio performance. Been an Audiophile for too long to totally give it up. :-)

Like I said, it's been awhile so I was hoping you guys can give me a starting point. BTW, I don't really have a firm budget in mind, but I'll probably have to get rid of my Klipsch and sub which will finance the new speakers.

Thanks so much.
What part of VA? You can email if you'd like.
You might find a local Focal dealer and listen to the Dome system. It's not cheap, but would give you a lot of install options and really sounds good. I did an in home demo with the subwoofer and it really did well. It may not be what you're wanting, but take a look.
i don,t think the subs in a wall cabinet will work too well. and most bookshelf speakers now sit on stands and not really on bookshelves. but you won,t know til you try various placement. maybe someone here who actualy uses bookshelf speakers on bookshelves can tell you a brand designed for this. i am curious myself.
Vandersteen VLR 1195 bucks are great Bookshelf speakers Close to wall operation sealed enclosures,No ports
and great dispersion no matter where you are
These will perform for you with predictable results.
Best Johnnyr
Vandersteen is good suggestion. Here are a few more for for you to check out for your fronts:

-B&W 685 - front ported, fairly efficient, good for HT

-Focal Chorus 706V or 806V - front ported, very efficient, good for HT, bigger number = more $$ and you hear it

- Pardigm Titan Monitor - front ported, very efficient, big sound, good for HT

Whatever speakers you choose, make sure they can function well near the wall. auditoin of speakers in the shop sitting on stands away from the wall won't necessarily translate to a shelf next to the wall in your listening room.

Once you have selected your speakers, make sure the shelf you put your speakers on is secure and not going to vibrate (much). Once your shelf is secured, attach your speakers to the shelf with bluetack of similar adhesive material.
A front port on a speaker may make it work a bit better when close to the wall than a rear ported design, but not always. There are actually not a lot of stand-mounted speakers specifically designed to be near the wall. Most of them like a little space behind them.

If a speaker is specifically designed to go near, on, or in the wall, that's your best bet. In-walls are popular again now for small HT setups or for whole-house systems. One of the very best makers of near-wall ( bookshelf really on a bookshelf ) speakers is North Creek Music Systems.
Knownothing - Have you listened to a 706v side by side with an 806v? The store that I deal with generally only carries the 706v as the recommended Chorus bookshelf model and then steps to the 816v as the recommended Chorus floorstanding model. They've told me on more than one occasion that they think the 706v is the better value. They do have an 806v in the store currently because they obtained several different Chorus 800 models in the Moka color that has been discontinued. I have not taken the time to compare the two directly. The only difference, that I know of, is the thickness of the cabinets. The salesman thought that resonance became an issue with the floorstanders. I should have taken the opportunity to demo side by side.

Jack_dotson - These Focal speakers sound great (my father-in-law has a pair of 706v speakers) and might be an excellent option for you. There is an in-wall version of the 706v as well that you could use for a full system match.
Yes, sort of. I actually mis-typed - I meant to type the 706V and the 807V, which I have compared. Sorry for the confusion. I also compared these two speakers with Dali Icon monitors. I thought of the three, the 807V's sounded the best: less grainy, less treble glare, natural but not reticent midrange, stronger and more tuneful bass. I am guessing there is more going on in terms of differences than just a thicker cabinet to produce the results I heard.

The 806V is s smaller stand mount, and more comparable to the 705V, I think.
The 706v and 806v share the same drivers (Chorus tweeter and 6-1/2 inch bass driver). The 807v uses the same tweeter but has a unique to it 7 inch bass driver. I've listened to an 807v speaker once and was impressed. The 705v uses a 5 inch bass driver. The 6-1/2 inch driver is used throughout the Chorus series speakers, only the 705v and 807v use something different.
OK, that's helpful info. The 807V's would be best for use as front speakers in HT set up from my limited listening experience.
The only issue with the 807V's being used on the front channels would be their size if the OP wanted to put them on a shelf. They are quite a bit larger than the 706v.

The other difference between the Chorus 700 and 800 is that the 800 series floorstanding models are raised to allow for a bottom port that extends the bass response.
Yes, good point. Could position on side with tweeters inside or out depending on what sounds best.
Thanks so much for the feed back. For those who asked, I live in Chesapeake and that's part of the problem. There aren't many audio/HT stores around, even in VA Beach.

I went to a BB Magnolia room yesterday and got to audition a few speakers. They had Def. Tech. Mytho's, some Martin Logan's, and Energy's. The Mytho's looked good on paper, but I wasn't impressed. On the other hand, the small Martin Logan Motion series was impressive and would fit my needs, so I've going to put them on my short list.

I wish I could find someone with the Focal speaker line so I could have a listen. I've heard some Focal's in the past and always loved their sound. Their tweeter is one of the best. I've owned some B&W's and always liked the line, but I think they've become over priced compared to the competition. Someone recommended the Paradigm's and I've always liked just about everything they've made too.

My main problem is going to be availability. I'm either going to have to make a decision made on recommendations and reputation or from what I have access to. Any of you guys listened to the ML Motion's?

Thanks again for you're help, please keep it coming. Some great stuff here.
Since I don't have a local Focal dealer where would you guys recommend I buy from on-line?
musicdirect sells some focals i think. at least last year they had some specials.
I sent you an email with some dealer information plus a few additional thoughts.

I have not heard the Martin Logan Motions so I can't comment on them.

I did an in-home demo with the Focal Dome subwoofer and was very impressed (my wife thought it looked like a trash can) and it really didn't go as deep as I was looking for. It did, however, blend seamlessly with my Focal 836v speakers and really sounded excellent. Very impressive for it's specs. The dealer I recommended to you via email might give you a great deal on one, I was offered one at a great price. I've heard the entire Dome system a few times and have been impressed, but the price tag is a bit steep. If I was looking for that type of speaker setup I'd probably find a way to justify it based on what I've heard. The little Domes are solid and appear to be excellent quality. The Sib & Cub system isn't nearly as dynamic and, I believe, is the only Focal speakers not made in France.
I made the plunge and ordered the Focal 706V's with matching center and surrounds. I really wanted to get the in-walls for my rears, but they're not sold in pairs and one was almost as expensive as a set of the on-wall's.

Any of you guys own the 700V center? The specs have it listed at 9" deep and I'm hoping this includes the front cover. Mine will have to set on my fireplace mantle which is only 8" deep.

My wife is going to have a fit when she finds out I didn't get in-wall's, but otherwise I'm looking forward to hearing these speakers. Hopefully they live up to the reviews.