No posting from me for awhile

I don't think Audiogon has mentioned this yet, I am contracted to cover the audio shows in Europe from September 7 through September 28.

The first show is Arken Sweden near Gothenburg (Sept 10, 11, 12). Next is Milan, Italy (Sept 16,17,18,19, 20) and finally London England (Sept 24, 25, 26).

I return to the USA, catch my breath and then on to the Denver (Red Rock) Audio Festival, Oct 8, 9, 10.

I will bring back hundreds of images for Audiogon members to enjoy. Wish me luck.
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Best wishes and hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. One bit of advice though. Do yourself a favour and leave the checkbook and credit cards at home with Mama : ) Sean
you better exchange your dollars for euros/pounds/swissies RIGHT NOW.

have a safe trip!
Do enjoy yourself and, time permitting (you never know...), I'm sure we'd all love a quick note of where you are as you go along! Of course, family, work & fun take precedence...
I'm sure there is more than HiFi to photograph in Italy :)! Keep that camera handy.

I'll be home this weekend, so I may miss you. Have a safe trip.
leave plenty of water for your look forward to your pixels and impressions....peace, warren
Take some nice clothes for Milano. Best dressed city in the world. Check out Bergamo for food and lodging.
Albert,If you see any Kondo products,please shoot me some.

Hope you have great trip.
Have fun Albert! Make sure you and Slappy stay away from all those Swedish massage parlors. They can get dangerous, heheh.
Travel safely Albert! Italy is my favorite country to travel to, point your camera at some of those ultra-stylish Milanese women if you can.

Have a safe & very enjoyable trip! Can I go along to caddy for you - help carry that heavy camera equipment? If not, how about my Christmas list?

1. 5'7", brunette (female),..........
2. Case of French Bordeaux
3. .......
4. ......

Best of luck!

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When I cover shows in the USA the exhibitor has a chance to read the description of the room and product and make changes. That will be more difficult this time.

Thanks for the wishes for a safe trip. What I really wonder is if I need to worry about "Mad Cow" beef dining in those countries?
Albert, I just got back from my summer vacation, and was glad to see you have not yet left before I was able to send along my regards.

Best wishes for a safe and fun trip. Enjoy it!
What a wonderful job you have - thanks for sharing so much of it with us via your photo essays.

Wish you a great trip, Albert - see you in Denver!

Have a safe journey and return with new insights ! BTW, the prterport installed as the main wall outlet for my system made a stunning difference withih hours,
I just spoke with Jim Aud at Purist Audio Design, he is showing in Sweden and attending the London show.

He has offered to share his local contacts, making it easier for me to get access and information. This is good news for me.
I am in Sweden with Steve Clay of Audiogon. We about to leave for Arken to attend the audio show. We have great images of Gothenburg, including Marie, our beautiful "Hotel Opera" receptionest.