I am on the Jazz wagon for awhile,,,or until broke

Well, i went to the Wax N' Things in Atlanta and came away with the following:
1. This was a risk, as I dont know the guy, but I was intrigued and it was Direct to Disk and mentions using a Neumann VG-66 cutting amplifiers that purred,,so I said, what the heck!! Its guitarrist Tommy Tedesco's AUTUMN, recorded in 1978 by the Trend label.
I am listening to it right now, and I am enjoying it quite a bit,,,vey clean sound. (plus i love it when they use paper lined with plastic inner sleeves.

2. Lionel Hampton's Golden Vibes with reeds and rythm,,by Coumbia, Its a 6 eyes mono (CL 1304) red label...the vinyl appears to have never been played,,,only the jacket shows age...

3. Charles Mingus AH UM,,,Columbia 6 Eyes,,,red label (CS 8171) vinyl and label are super mint...

4. Dave Brubek's Time Out by the DB Quartet,,,Columbia 6 eyes (CS 8192),,,there was a reissue also, but the cover wasnt as sturdy nor the vinyl, so I went with the original...for 2.50 more...

How many of you have the willpower to leave a cool LP at the store???
I recently have gotten into Jazz... And the desire to buy anything that shows up is hard to resist. Being a cheapskate helps, but then my obsessive character overrides the cheapskate...
Bought 5 Jazz LPs last night too. And then the ones from eBay...
But it is nice to see them before purchase. Those six eyes singing a siren song!!!
I have started to collect Jazz as well. Fortunately I have a buddy who is a highly trained musician and one hell of trombone player. He has helped me compile a list of "must have" jazz records so for now I only buy what is on that list. He has also been very good at explaining to me what all of these jazz masters were trying to do on each LP. That has really helped me develop an interest in jazz. Someday I'll have to establish a friendship with a person who really knows their classics! :)

I openly admit that I cannot pass any LP that is interesting to me as long as it passes my visual inspection. Especially, Blue Notes.
i think it is important to have some kind of direction.....Thank goodness I have a set criteria,,,
This evening I bought an original Verve LP of Ella F...but the sucker is a little wobbly on the outer edge...

Elizabeth,,I have the same compulsive behavior sometimes, and I am cheap as well....I have spent some good money on ebay, I know the sellers and I get good RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence in great shape...but it costs more..
For all you guys that want good jazz you need to go to estate auctions. There is almost always a large collection of records whenever I go and I'm usually the buyer. Yeah, you gotta go through them and toss out the Mitch Millers and such but the older jazz lp's are almost always pristine and full of great music. Don't make the mistake of tossing records that tout stereo effect or percussion. These usually contain some great jazz by well known musicians. The mono recordings are just too good. So good that I wish I had a turntable set up with a mono cartridge. I never miss the stereo effect when playing them. Rarely do I find any jazz after 1970 so if that's what you're searching for you will likely be disappointed.
Tommy Tedesco is one of the most-recorded Hollywood studio guitarists. I have never heard his work as a leader.

Mingus Ah Um is a stone classic and one of his best. When I was considerably younger, I was stunned to realize that the theme music of the 'Spiderman' cartoon had been lifted from the riff to "Boogie Stop Shuffle".

Brubeck's Time Out is one of the very top selling jazz albums of all time, and contains two of the most recognizable tunes of its era, "Take Five" and "Blue Rondo A La Turk", featuring the signature sounds of Paul Desmond on sax and Joe Morello on drums.

Not only were the Mingus and Brubeck LP's both issued on Columbia in 1959, they both sported similar abstract modern art cover paintings, always a strong point with me. :-)
I have no willpower to leave a cool LP at the store unless it is too expensive for my comfort level. BTW I have been buying records from Wax-N-Facts in Atlanta since 1978. Their prices are great and the condition of most of their records are quite good. While also in the Atlanta area you would do well to check out Full Moon Records. Ted, the owner, is a nice guy, musician, and prices his records fairly.