Beatles: Help ?

I own (just found it in deep storage) a boxed set of Toshiba EMI Beatle albums. 12 to be exact. The box is entirely in Japanese. Each album has cellophane sleeves for the records. The box is blue 3/4 quarters of the way up in the front with a white flip cover at the top. All lettering on the top is in Japanese. EMI is printed on the individual albums, as well as Apple on many of them. The back of the box is entirely blue. I purchased this baby in 1978ish? 'twas expensive at the time, but I can't, for the life of me, remember where and how much I

paid for it. Was purchased at a Hi End audio store. Anybody have a clue what I have? All the albums have not been played. A stylus has never touched them. thanks in advance.
warren :-)
Warren, that’s not a good set, I would value it at $34.50 total.

However, since your a long time Audiogon member, I will pay you $39.50 and even spring for the shipping charges.

No need to thank me, that's what friends are for !
Albert, the fact that the records are unplayed and given the age: $39.50? ouch! How'd you come up with that price? If that be the deal I'll hang on to them just to look, every several years, in between garage sales, at those virgin grooves. It'll be a groovy thing....
Warren you have to know I'm teasing you. Who would not want that set?

Being Japanese and un-played, it is likely worth hundreds of dollars. I am not an expert and would suggest to have a look at GEMM (or similar LP sites) for ideas as to real value.
Albert, when I read your first reply, I was think, "God. I hope he comes abck and sets him straight quickly before he gives them away or something". OK, I was actually thinking of bumping the offer to $50. HA! ;-)

Nice deep storage find Warren!
Warren, I think this might be your set, maybe of some value to you. Sorry if my teasing caught you off guard.

Box Sets Info
Albert, I bought your post hook line and sinker. Well lo and behold I have one of 5,000 of the EAS-500031~44 imported to the US, back in '79. Can you believe they have the original 4 page lyric per album and they have never been played. The albums look like they just came out of the factory. Perfection. I've been doing some surfing and this baby (because they are unplayed) is quite a find. The website you gave me: Box Sets Info did the job: giving me the education, that is. Seems that I have a real goodie. your teasing? 'Got a thick skin. I love it....peace, warren
Classic !
OK, a hundred!
too cool to sell. too bad I'm not a vinyl man anymore. It the old days (like last I'd look at this find as a sign from God, that I'm supposed to purchase a turntable and get cracking on developing a record collection. I wish, sometimes, that God were more powerful than my wife...Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

I bought the Japanese set on Audiogon a few years ago for 150.00. I thought it was a good deal at the time.
That was a good deal if the records are in good shape, I suppose. It appears that a used set sold on Ebay for $250 just a few days ago. Since these are mint/perfect--unplayed, they should do a little better. Just looking at the covers, artwork, and the pristine black vinyl is worth the keep....:-)
I agree Warren, $250.00 for your set (unplayed) would be a steal. That’s only about $20.00 an album.

I hope you do put your analog back into service and give those special albums a spin. If so, tell us how much were missing :^).
I would really urge you to invest in an analog system, but even if you did, would you play them? I doubt it. So send them my way, I will play them for you. I will give you my Kiss collection as collateral(also unplayed). Just kidding.
You have a choice to make, get back into vinyl, sell them, or hang on to them forever.
So are you going to sell your Prima and go vinyl entirely??
I own an Australian version of that box set
I bought it on ebay a year ago - low bid $120 and was suprised when I came home over the weekend and had won it
wish I had a Loricraft record cleaner to do them perfect justice

very nice pressings, and until these get the 180gram treatment they will be the standard

I'm a winner keeping them. I love my Prima. As analog a sounding cdp these tympanics have ever heard, IMHO. With an XRCD, I'm as close to vinyl as I can get with a cdp. Don't have the disposition, room, or patience for vinyl anymore. Not to mention the $$, considering table, arm, catridge, record cleaner, phono pre, etc. Brings me back to my Kenwood KD 500 mounted with a Grace 707 arm. Can't remember the cartridge. Can't sell me on this one. But I do know of vinyl greatness. No argument there.....

BTW Al, if I ever be in your neck of the woods I'd love to hear that baby of yours. I get all tingly, just looking at it.....
Mine are essentially unplayed but the box itself is not perfect.
Albert, I was waiting for you to say: "Yes indeed warren, any time you're in my neighborhood give me a buzz. Only requirments are a bottle of good red wine and a love of music." lol....peace, warren :-)
Sorry Warren, you wrote BTW AI and was not sure it was addressed to me. Certainly your welcome any time. In fact, I will even drive to the airport and pick you up if your flying in and not renting a car.

So, when is the big day? Lugnut is coming Friday, you may as well join us then.
Typo on the "AI." Thanks for the invite. I have oodles to do up here with a move and the school year (I'm a teacher) ending. One day....