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Montreal Show?
lukewarm in my opinion - not as many exhibits as in previous years - no doubt a symptom of the crappy economy. I am also tired of seeing the same 'new' vinyl year after year - very little in the way of new releases. saw some new speakers from a Du... 
Supra Sword speakercable:
VERY good cable - wish I never sold my pair. (financial reasons) 
Any experience with the Proac Response 5?
Hi - I used to own the Response 4's and frankly they were one of the most disappointing speakers I have ever owned. I bought them and sold them for $9,000 USD's. They absolutely MUST be driven by tubes ( preferably triode ) and they MUST have a bi... 
b&k M200 mono amps over soundcraftsmen 5002
In my opinion, Mr Gregory has given you very solid advice, I too have an old pair of 200's kicking around, but I can't bring myself to sell them. 
Any one have Tetras
My friend has a pair of 406's - in a few words, they are very nice sounding speakers and are not a difficult drive. They image nicely, are very coherent & punchy, without sounding bloated. (they are not inexpensive, but nothing worthwhile is.) 
Totem Mani-2 and Sim Audio Moon
I have a friend of mine that has both the Totem Mani-2's (Signature edition, I believe, but not positive) and either the Moon W5 or 10, again not positive - I know it is the one rated around just under 200 w/ch. - truly euphonic combination, very,... 
Beatles: Help ?
Classic ! 
MIT Z-Center Power Conditioner, any comments?
very decent unit - not the best, but @ $600 - $700 used, I would not hesitate. It's flexible too - only downside are the relatively cheap duplexes they used, which can easily be upgraded. 
Does vinyl outsell the hi rez formats?
Oh hell yes, if it's in Stereopile, it must be gospel, right? (sorry, my sarcastic nature got the best of me . . . again. !) 
New Beatle's Remasters
Does anybody know if these are going to be a rehash of the original British releases, or are they going to remaster the North American releases too ( Beatles 65, Something New, Beatles VI, etc.) 
Sony XA7ES to replace Ahh Tjoeb
very nice CD Player ( @ about $900 used or so ? ) but it does suffer somewhat from having a captive Power cord. An upgraded cord WOULD benefit, but that's Sony arrogance for you. 
what's your favorite album cover?
original sticky fingers w. working zipper. 
HDCD, any new titles coming out?
I heard that Microsoft had bought Pacific Microsonics and that the first thing they did was to pull the plug on HDCD - I could be wrong. (in fact I hope I am, I just recently bought the Classe CDP 1 with an 'HDCD' decoder.) Anyone else hear about ... 
Counterpoint SA220 vs. modern amp
I've had an upgraded ( from SA-20 ) SA-220 operating with the same tubes for 10 years - no problems whatsoever. I do think that $1,100 is too much for a used unit - more in the $800 - $900 range IMHO. Nice amp though. 
Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE vs. SFL2
Hi - I own an SFL 2, and it definitely does NOT sound S.S. in my opinion. I haven't heard the Line 2, but I've heard the Line 3 - that is a beautiful sounding preamp. I've heard that of the entire Line 1, 2 & 3 series, that the Line 2 represen...