BAT VK-76SE tube amp - Balanced Audio Technology

Has anyone heard BAT’s new VK-76SE tube amp?

The VK-76SE was shown at CES in January (links to Stereophile and TAS’s reports below).

It comes after the flagship Rex II in their line of tube amps. BAT is starting to sell the VK-76SE, although the amp is not yet up on their website or Music Direct’s website. (Music Direct now owns BAT.)

The VK-76SE replaces the VK-75SE, which was introduced around 2000 and BAT’s first amp to incorporate the 6H30 supertube. The VK-76SE has four 6H30 tubes for the input stage, whereas the VK-75SE and Rex had two 6H30 tubes. The VK-76SE loses the two 6V6 tubes found in the VK-75SE and Rex. Otherwise, all of these models have six 6SN7 tubes for the driver stage and four 6C33C tubes for the output stage. (For those keeping count, the Rex II amp has four 6H30, two 6V6, six 6SN7 and four 6C33C.)

Is it common for a tube amp to act as a voltage source - double down on power with half load?