Purist Audio vs. Harmonic Technology

I´m really interest on both brands. I have to buy balanced IC and the contenders are the Purist Arqueous Anniversay and the Harmonic Technology Magic Link II.
Both have excellent reviews and similar price.
Anyone could compare both or both brands (another models)
Carol...you've got to listen to these things yourself. If you take someone else's word for the comparison, you would be foolish. ALL cables react differently and sound differently in each system. One of the joys of this hobby/addiction is to evaluate what this stuff does. Do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and get a hunk of each of these cables, and Kimber, Audioquest, Anti-Cables, etc., etc., etc..
I disagree somewhat with String on his view point about ALL cables react differently........

I sent my GG Rapture cables to a 'Gon member and he described the Raptures to a tee when comparing it to his Jade Hybrid cable. He sent me his Jade first to try out and we both heard the same thing and we have different systems.

There are some members here (Tvad for one) that are very good at explaining the sound of different cables/tubes/speakers etc. that they have had in their systems.

There is some value in the many different Goners' ears when it comes to cable evaluation.

Hold steady Carol and someone will give you some info that will help you out.
I suppose if there was universal agreement on terms such as neutral, warm, etchy, bright, soft, etc. descriptions would be somewhat useful.

But everybody uses different cues based on their hearing to describe sonic characteristics.

Now toss in components which are undoubtedly unique to the listener's particular system and splash in some (or lack of) room acoustics and it's just about impossible for one person to understand another.

IMO of course
Thanks for the answers.
I understand that systems and rooms conditions are differents but I am interest on personals experiences and opinions.
Any more experience with both cables ?
Both represent excellent options for the money.
Unfortunally you have to try in your system to decide which one is better for you.
Good luck.
Thanks for the answers.
Carol2216, your "thank you" was very kind, considering none of the responders actually answered your question. I stumbled across this thread while looking for comparisons between HT Magic Link II and Purist Venustas. Glory's response was helpful, and Audiofeil's response was true about the risks of subjective differences in opinions. However, this is a discussion forum and if nobody gave their opinion, we could all go do something else. I can tell you in my system, and in my opinion, the Purist Aqueous Anniversary IC was dark sounding and not that lively. It was quiet like all Purist cables, but was significantly bettered by the Venustas IC, which displayed improved clarity, PRAT, dynamics, and extension. If you purchased the Magic Link II interconnects, I would be interested in hearing what you think of them. Cheers.
If your system is bright or towards the lean side go with the purist otherwise go with the Harminic Technology.

Kind Regards