Balanced Variable Attenuators

I am looking for variable, balanced attenuators (L & R) to go between my SACD Player and amps (don't want a preamp), I was looking at Endler Audio but reviews say the lessen soundstage depth. I would love a pair of Ultimate Attenuators but I understand they are no longer in production. I don't want a passive amp as I don't want another set of interconnects. I'd like something of very high end quality and not really a DIYer for something like this. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks,
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Ignore the reviews. The Endlers are cheap. Try them and come to your own conclusion about their effect on your system's quality.
I agree with Onhwy. I've used the Endlers before. They aren't going to pass for a Class A preamp in performance, but they are very good for the modest cost. I used them for a couple years going straight from a cdp to my amps.
Look at Goldpoint or Bent Audio for remote control.
Placette is available, in a balanced configuration, though it doubles the cost. I owned the SE version. VERY transparent! ( I'd still own it, were it not for the acoustic nightmare of a listening room, with which I am dealing(requires correction).
Why not email Ric? He may build you a pair. Just be patient as they are very labor intensive. Mine were worth the wait.
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Thanks, guys. I do need something that rivals a Class A preamp so the Endlers are out. I will try some of the other suggestions.

The balanced Promethius TVC's are very good. I previously owned the Ref 4 and now own the Signature. They are very good in my opinion. It is going to take a pretty impressive piece to displace the Signature from my system.
A couple things, I have had both the Endler and EVS attenuators and preferred the EVS. I still keep a set around just in case. Also, if you can't get Ric to make you the balanced attenuators you might want to consider the balanced Luminous Audio Axiom. Very reasonably priced and gets good reviews.

I noticed you have a solid state amp, what is the input impedance?
Thansk. I'm not sure what the input impedance is. I will reach out to Ric.
Does anyone have Ric's email? The contact area on his site is not working. Thanks!
The last email address I have on file is:
Thank you!