Balanced Tube Preamps for Nuforce Ref 9SE V3

I am in the beginning stages of looking for a new tube preamp for my system. It will be driving a pair of Nuforce Ref 9SE V3.
Currently have a BAT VK 31SE and sounds quite nice. I want to upgrade with a budget of around $7500. I do want the pre to have balanced in and out capability and a remote control. While the BAT sound is nice, a bit more midrange warmth without sacrificing high frequencies or bass slam is desired.

Front end is a Esoteric SZ-1 feeding a MSB Power DAC (balanced connections) and speakers are Coincident Super Eclipse lll. All JPS superconductor 3 interconnects and speaker cable.
Any input is greatly appreciated!
VAC Renaissance meets your criteria. Balanced outputs and multiple balanced inputs. Excellent build quality and customer support. The remote is simple and easy to use, feels good in your hand, plus the volume control is not stepped so precise levels are easily attained. I am currently running mine balanced into a W4S amp and it sounds excellent especially with phono as the source.
As far as name brands go VTL, Atma Sphere, ARC, and Conrad Johnson all make excellent preamps in your price range.
Yeah used CJ Act 2
I don't recall CJ preamps having balanced inputs/outputs. Otherwise, I'm sure they are deserving of all the accolades accorded them.
That is true. CJ is single ended. Older VTL is too. Only the latest is balanced. Vac, Atma Sphere, and ARC are though.
Cary SLP-05 has everything you desire

The Cary is on my short list as is the Rogue Hera2. I must admit I like the fact that the Cary has a headphone amp built in. It is a nice bonus. Do you have a Cary in your system?

Ck, the MP-1 can drive headphones directly as well.

I thought the MP-1 was out of my $7500 range? Am I mistaken?
Ck, no, but you can find them used and the warranty is transferable.
Ck, yes I use Cary and I am a big fan of their equipment, their sonics, and their customer service. You owe it to yourself to audition the Cary. I am also a big fan of Atmasphere.

Do you run your Cary in balanced mode? SS or tube amp?
I use an SLP-05 with my V3's and love the combination. From your description it sounds like a perfect fit for you.
I am using an Audio Horizons pre with Siemans 60's CCa tubes with Nuforce V3SE and like it very much. It is balanced in and out and I think new goes for about 4K fully loaded. reliable with stellar sevice