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Miles Davis Newbe Question
Thanks for the additional recommendations as I do like a more calm jazz fusion sound! I will also check out some Clifford Brown. 
Miles Davis Newbe Question
All,Sorry for not following up as I thought the thread went inactive a long time ago! I have been listening to Love Songs and Kind of Blue. Any suggestions what to try next? 
Best tube preamp ever
Lamm LL1 Signature is a good place to start. 
Pre-amp with balanced suggestions?
Look for a used BAT preamp. The Atma Sphere is also a player to consider. 
Nuforce & HiFi
Jd,The RMF control plates under my amps are called P.A.U.L.¬ís EMF/MD Isolation Platforms. Expensive tweek but made a huge difference in the clarity of the amps. 
Nuforce & HiFi
I too have a pair of Nuforce 9V3 SE and I have put in Isoclean Fuses in all my gear. I confess to not have heard anything significant. The amps like good power cords and interconnects and will reward the listener. I run it with balanced cables to ... 
usual speaker advice question
I would look into a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers. Very efficient and will crack the plaster in the room if desired. 
Help with used "rock" speakers under 4K
Look into Cerwin Vega, I think that is a good fit for what you are doing. Very efficient and capable of pressurizing the room. No subwoofer needed. 
Best audio time b4 even hearing of the sweet spot?
Dorm room circa 1977: Braun LV 1020 driven by a Yamaha CA-1000integrated with a Fons CQ-30 turntable and Yamaha tuner. To this day I have yet to hear a speaker that could pressurize a room the way the Brauns did!Cheers all! 
need suggestion about pre-amp, price around $5,000
There was a Cary SLP 05 for about 4k used. It has a great headphone amp and for the 1k you did not spend you could buy a pretty good power cord to go with it. It is a fantastic sounding preamp, especially when running it in balanced mode. 
Great songs and artists who virtually own them?
"Over the Rainbow" by Judy GarlandGreatest performance ever recorded! 
Digital mag subscription and iPad
Edgejazz,Very cool indeed! Thanks for the info. 
Digital mag subscription and iPad
The other use I would like to use the ipad for is as a remote control for a music server. That would be very cool. 
ARC Tube preamp suggestions
Conrad Johnson, Cary, Manley may be just the ticket. 
Digital mag subscription and iPad
Edgejazz,I think it works fine and subscription copy reads ok. I would advise you to see for yourself as my viewing opinion may vary.