Balanced to RCA or Opposite

Being at the apex of my search jorney for a perfect sound I purchased today Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro equalizer.
They idea is to plug it between a turntable (Oracle) and integrated SS amplifier(Dk Design). I hope that by introducing it into my audio system I will be able to "soften" or "warm up" the sound. The problem is that the turntable and amplifier both use RCA input/output connectors. And my new to me Behringer equalizer only has XLR (aka Balanced)connectors. Should I use some XLR(Balanced) to RCA adapters...I wonder if there are some better options?
As suggested in the other thread, your neatest way to hook up the DEQ2496 would be to get two 2-channel unbalanced interconnects with RCA on one end and XLR on the other. One cable will have male XLRs and the other female XLRs.

I see from a photo of the DK design amp that it has jumpers connecting pre out and power in. Just pull out the jumpers and connect the equalizer at this point.
I would insert the equalizer into the tape loop. Since the signal is so low in amplitude on the phono, any noise in the equalizer will have a large effect on signal/noise ratio. Also phono stage alters frequency response in a "reverse RIAA" curve so think that equalization at that stage will likely have a significant chance of degrading the sound balance. As far as adapters go, yes you can use adapters, or you can get cables made that go RCA-XLR and back again. Just make sure you verify the pin configuration on the EQ XLR; some units vary from so-called standard.
You may want to check and see if the output drops going into the EQ with RCAs. Some balanced gear drop the signal by as much as 10db to prevent overload. If this occurs the signal will be very weak from the phono. In this case, you will need a balanced line converter.

I recently purchased the dex2496, which is a digital crossover and eq, and I just found it cheaper and simpler to make my own cables. All of the parts can be found at Also, I agree with the others about the hook-up issue. I wouldn't put it between the turntable and pre-amp.
Rwwear...The DEQ2496 detects whether the connection is balanced or unbalanced, and adjusts gain accordingly. Thus, for example, I can use unbalanced in and balanced out and still have unity gain through the unit.

By the way, it is also possible to vary the overall gain up or down by 10dB so as to accomodate special needs of a particular system. I use this feature to lower the gain for my rear channel speakers (I have two DEQ2496, front and rear) which are more sensitive than the fronts. This means that only small adjustments for multichannel channel balance are needed.
Cool. I am a Behringer dealer but have never sold one.
Rwwear...If you demo'd the DEQ2496 it would sell itself. Most Behringer equipment is aimed at the live music pro sound market, but this unit has serious audiophile applications.