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For those more technical than myself can somebody suggest a manufacturer of cables ( power, interconnect and speaker) that has very different specs to the all Supra set I presently use. My system sounds fine to me but I'm still interested in trying a different set of speaker cables to my Supra Ply 3.4S and wanted to try something with a really different approach regards wire design, Capacitance, Inductance etc so that I can more easily decide 1) can I really hear a difference! 2) Help me to narrow the choices and focus on what works best for me and my system. All I know about the Supra ply 3.4s is that its low resistance, shielded, multi stranded (192 tin plated copper strands) is a sandwich design with a pvc cover. Budget will be limited ( up to around $500 max! for a 10m pair) but I'm presuming a company will have a similar design principles throughout their range. Thanks.
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Just noticed an error in my original post. I meant 10 foot rather than 10 meters.
Well in that case, Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 Veracity or any other flat ribbon cable, such as Grover Huffman and Mapleshade.