Opposite effect with cardas/Ayre CD

After hearing about it too many times i decided to give it a try.Ran the whole CD at moderate level and had the opposite effect.The system sounds gritty now,all synergy and enjoyment is lost.If anybody there had a similar experience,please let me know.I don't want to sound like a lepper here but i trully sat down to listen with some sort of positive thinking.The change in sound is unmistakable but not for the good.Hope to hear from you guys.
(System:Revel Salons/Krell SACD mk3,CJ Prem.18 & Pass X 250.5)
It works for me. However, the first time I used it, I stayed in the room while it was doing it's thing and my gear did not sound right either, mainly because the disc messed with my hearing for a while. If you were in the room, this may have happened to you as well. A day later everything was fine. My suggestion to everyone is to stay out of the listening room when using any of these types of discs!!
I used the Purist Audio disc on one of my previous systems and afterwards the change was all for the worse. I got a refund for the disc from the dealer and never used one again.
No,Cyclonicman,i wasn't in the room during the sweep.
Just tried listening again to my system.Definite change for the worse.I wonder how long it will take take to regain the lost synergy.i just played Azymuth and noticed the Fender Rhodes is not 3D like it used to be but flat and little high frequency details are completely lost.Bass sounds like it is struggling and soundstage is shrunk.Still it is amazing that a cd can do things like that.I wonder if on certain days when we think that our system does not sound right (you know what i mean)is just the result of a last cd that we played the previous day somehow messing out with the system's static energy via its frequency modulations.
I wonder if MD will give refund for the CD.They will probably think that i made a copy of it.
Overhang, Sorry you are having such a bad experience with the Cardas Disc. I think you should call MD, they are pretty good. I purchased that Marigo CD mat a few years ago and it didn't work for my system. In fact, it made it sound like your description of the Cardas disc, except my system was okay as soon as I removed the Marigo disc. I called them and told them about my less than positive experience and they allowed me to return it for a full refund! Give them a call, I am sure they will oblige you.
I took a look at the writeup on this cd at the Music Direct site. I strongly suspect its main effects (perhaps its only effects) would have been on the flexibility of your speaker drivers. That will in time return to where it was, although it's hard to say how long it will take.

The other claimed effects of the cd, such as demagnetization of cables and components, strike me as marketing gibberish, which I wouldn't worry about.

Considering the low cost, though, you might want to just keep it, because it might prove helpful in breaking in new components in the future.

-- Al
Had the sam,e experience with a De-mag disc.Hoped for the best,found the worst.Took about a month before I emjoyed listening again.
Never do that again;<
I have the PAD disc. I've found playing the demag portion to have a similar effect to cleaning cable terminations with Caig treatments, treble is brighter, crisper, this settles down after a day or two when things begin to sound better than previous to cleaning or demag. Not demaging or cleaning cables periodically tends to muffle, obscure, grunge up the sound over the long term, a very gradual thing you really don't notice until you clean and/or demag. You are hearing just the opposite with the Cardas disc, pretty bizarre.
Ill say ...ive never experienced this the arye cd.I use it once a week too.I have no idea why it would mess with your system so adversly.Track four is the best burn in for speakers ive found(gets surrounds movin).
I should have read this by Art Dudley first:"But as I heard it, my hi-fi sounded mechanical and utterly devoid of human feeling for close to an hour after playing this CD. Not only did I refuse to allow it to be played again, I put the CD back in its case and hid it—seriously. If it were up to me, it would be retitled Irritating But Irritating, and he only good thing I can say is that, after a while, its effects wear off. "