b&w 803 or vr4jr, best match

looking for input for new speakers for a macintosh ma6900 integrated and an arcan cd192 combo. haven't had a chance to listen to either of these speakers. both are within budget. is there a big difference between the 803d and 803s? most of the mac dealers i know of around here tend to have the b&w. von schweikerts are a little more scarce.
The Vons and B&W's have fairly different designs. You really need to listen to both to see which you like. If I had to choose from the three you listed, would be the VR4JR, then the 803D and then the 803S but, I would not have the 803S on my list. I think there are much better speakers in the 803S price range than the 803S's. Good luck.
IMO, I would go with B&W 803 hands down. There is no question in my mind. McIntosh works incredibly well with B&W - which is no easy feat.

The VR4jr's smooth character will not be best suited by McIntosh. Mcs need transparent, detailed speakers that will allow their full glory to shine through.

I have critically listened to both speakers, three times each in various systems, and base my reasoning on this exposure. Good luck. Arthur
To my ears, the VSA speakers are better then B&Ws. I had a B&W dealer close to my office that paired B&W with MAC gear. I listened numerous times to many B&W models and never could get into the sound no matter what. The very first time I heard the VSA 4JRSs I knew I had a great match for my ears and music. You might also consider the 4SRs if you have room for them. Check with Kevin at VSA about dealers near you for potential auditions.
My VR4JRs are connected to Mac separates - C2200 & MC275 - and they sound wonderful. I heard the Macs demoed at a local dealer with the B&Ws and they sounded very good. But I like the VR4JRs much better - transparent and detailed, yet richer, more musical and more involving for me. Its a very sensually moving combination; but then, this is tube gear vs the SS MA6900. The MA6900 should be a very good match but only Your ears and personal preferences can help you decide.
"Mcs need transparent, detailed speakers that will allow their full glory to shine through." - aball

2 qualities the VR4jr's excel at.

They work good with tubes or solid state. Audition if you can - don't trust us, we have our own preferences and biases.
How can you even compare these two speakers?

What do you like better... kevelar ringing in your ear and a hot metal tweeter shouting at you, or....
The B&W's are of course a great choice, you can't go wrong. However each time I listened to them they did not give me enough of everything I wanted too make the purchase. When it came to the Vons, I ended up paying much more than the speakers that were at the time tops on my list. There is music in the VSA4jr's. They,I feel would be a great match for any quality amp, tube or SS. With a your Mac, a slice of heaven.
thanks everyone. sorry bout the delayed responce. you gave me some great ideas on what to listen to and for. there is one area around here i found where i can listen to vs and b&w only a few miles apart. think i'll start there. thanks again.
although I never heard the VR4JRs, I own N803. B&Ws like to be connected to good equipment. Mac works GREAT with B&Ws. I use McCormack DNA-125, which is also a nice match. But, in my mind, the new 803Ds are in a different league comparing to either the N803 or the 803S. That diamond tweeter is just silky smooth. The bigger cabinet and additional woofer, they have more low end. I heard both the B&W 803D and 803S with the mac gear(I think the 500w/ch monos) they sounded awesome. You have to go and check out the VR4JRs and the 803 to determine what you like though. Always audition speakers more than once, as the first impression ususally has the biggest effect.
And I do tend to agree with Aball that if the VR4JRs are much smoother sounding than the B&Ws, MAC may not be a good match. MAC gear is great but it needs lively speakers, not that the VSA are not(I never had an opportunity to hear VR4JRs, so can't speak for it).
I auditioned the 803, loved the whole package excepr that metal tweeter. I bet the diamond sounds great. I ended up buying a silverline sonata for 1500 more. Cant't stand bright sizzle tweeters.
My friend has the 803's and they are equipment dependent. With the wrong equipment they sounded like sh!^ but with the right equipment they sound wonderful. I am very sensitive to bright and sizzle tweeters and the 803's in his current system sound right. So much so, I can listen to his system for hours on end at varing sound levels without asking him to please turn the volume down. I have had to do that while listening to other friend's systems from time to time due to a overly bright sound.

YMMV, but I would believe the Mc owners if they say it marries up nicely with B&W.