Finish Quality of Von Schweikert VR4jr's

I have a system consisting of an EAD Ultradisc as transport, a Benchmark DAC, an ARC LS-15 preamp, Gamut D200 amp and VR4jr speakers, and find I am hearing some "grunge", for a lack of a better word, in the leading edge of vocals. There seems to be an edge to the sound, not a sweetnes , and I am seeking some ideas of what I might change to rid the system of the sound.
I realize the description is a bit week, but all comments will be appreciated.
What does this have to do with the finish quality?

Sorry...A screwed up header. I've reposted the question with a correct one, but can't delete this .
What's your back tweeter positioned at?
Usually, 3.5 to 4 works best with the speakers positioned about 3' away from the front wall. You have to find the best setting that works in your room.
Brrgrr, I have heard the jr's multiple times in the past including recently at the 2005 HE show with the DK hybrid integrated and found the dynamics and staging/imaging one of the best at the show. However, there was "grunge", as you put it, to the high frequences that tired me after about 1/2 hour. I originally thought it was due to the DK but now I think it's due to the jr's. I have heard similar problem before. But it can be due to many things such as poor AC or your DAC. The Gamut amp is unlikely the culprit. First try turning off the ambience tweeter if possible - you can fine tune later. If this doesn't work, try balanced interconnects - I believe the Benchmark and Gamut are balanced designs. If this doesn't work, try a passive line conditioner - some manufacturers or dealers such as and offer free in-home trial. Or lastly your DAC may be the problem in which case you may need to get another digital source or mod it hoping it will get rid of the problem.
I sold my EAD Ultradisc 2000 and purchased a SimAudio Eclipse - All the harshness, grittiness of my CDs vanished-A huge, discernable difference in sound -Currently have a Moon LE player -again top quality with terrific sound - The VR4JRs will reveal everything in your system so this is the first place I would start - also reduce your ambient tweeter setting should help(I keep mine barely on) Signal Cable Silver Resolution sounds great with the VR4JRs-I use it extensively-I think the player change would make the biggest improvement, however...MHO PS Im not dissing EAD -check my "system"!
How long have you had the speakers? They take a solid 600 hours for the tweeters to break in.
600 hours. Eeek! Is that true for all in the VR range?

I'm leaning towars a better front end as well, and the Eclipse is one I've thought of for some time ..even bid on a few.
I will try the tweeter settings, but I am currently using 1-2 so don't know if that is the problem, but I doubt it.
Jtinn, I've had the speakers since last fall, and while I don't know if there are 600 hours on them, I did leave them playing loudly for several days initially, and did notice a major change .
I just am bothered by what seems to be an edge to the leading part of vocals...hopefully that is clear, and it doesn't seem to be a problem with analog, although most of my listening is Cd's. I'm getting older, and getting up after a long day and a cool drink every 15 minutes is becoming more of an effort every day,
Like many audiophiles, I am in a rural area, and can't geta different CD player to sub in for a demo. My best hope is to get some sound advice from the folks on these boards, and as usual you guys have been helpful.

Thanks a bunch
Try different cabling - either the IC's and\or speaker cables. This change-out worked for me with a very different type system. Also, ERS paper in the CDP will help.
Carl: Like Steakster, I am focusing on the cables you are using as a possibility. What cables are they?
Jtinn, I am curreently using a set of bi-wire cables made for Usher by , I believe, Acoustic Zen. They are under the Rapport label, and are made in the US for Usher. I also have Blue Heaven, single runs, available. I would like to try a true Bi-wire, but currently I am bypassing the jumper cable and going to the Tweeter and woofer on each speaker.
Can you suggest a cable that would be appropiate yet not break the bank?
I use Nordost Red Dawn from the pre to amp, Blue Heaven from the Dac to Pre, and Stereovox from the CD to DAC.
A partial cleaning with ProGold did help, and I might just be expecting too much ease of listening from the CD's.Many still seem to me to be hard to truely enjoy, especially the more commercial stuff.

Carl, these really benefit from bi-wiring. I have them in a system that tends to be warm. I recommend you try good copper interconnects and or speaker wire. While I haven't heard your dac I have read a lot of comments on it and don't think it is the culprit. The dac I went with is an older Museatex IDAT with a custom power supply. The choice on the IDAT was made after auditioning a jolida, consonance cd120 and arcam. All were plugged directly into wall but were bested by the IDAT. Try to demo a power conditioner and cables. The speakers performance will change with each component change. I too have the rear tweeter set at 2 o'clock. Hope this helps.
Phil, Just got a biwire set of the Verbatim cables thet VSA is currently using, and so far I'm a fan. While they are still quite new, and my listening has been limited, I think I am hearing things with them that I didn't hear before, certainly more spatial info. The designer says give them 300 hours to fully break in, so in a couple of months, I'll be better able to know the amount of improvement they may make.