Solid state amp for Von Schweikert vr4jr's

I have a 1500.00 +/- budget and looking to compliment my vr4jr's with quality solid state amp. Krell, McCormack, Mark Levinson, BAT, Gamut, Bryston. What is your favorite? Any others? Thanks
VR4j has a slow and somewhat foggy bass. Get something which able to gave a grip on the speaker. Krell or Levinson, I guess would fit well.
I love my 4Jrs with the Parsound JC-1 Halos. I've tried the VTL 450s and the Innersound ESL 300 as well as the Pass Aleph 2s and a Linn Classik. I think the Jrs like some power and the more the better. I tried an Ayre V5xe a short time ago and while everything sounded great, there was a definate sense of loss of power and a penalty in dynamics. I would look at the amps with good power first.

I thought I was a tube guy, but these speakers sound so good in my all solid state setup that I've forgotten that I needed tubes to be happy.
Consider the new Bel Canto S300 for $1600 @ 150wpc using the latest ICEPower modules. Very low noise floor and wide bandwidth produce a clean, accurate and palpable soundstage. I'm using with the VR4Sr's and dB99's to great effect. Compact design (9lbs), efficient (no heat) great looking and very well built.

My JR's sound great with my pass labs amp. You may want to look for a used one.
A used Bryston 4B-ST fits your budget. Maybe a Classe CA-300. I like both. Both have plenty current delivery to control the bass. Thr two amps seem to have different characters. I have not heard them with the Von S 4jr.s however. A 150 to 300 watt Krell would be great, but probably not in your budget. Ditto Levinson. Have not heard the conrad johnson ss amps. McCormack either. They are in the price range however if used. Again, I'm not familiar with the speaker so take it with a couple grains of salt...
"VR4j has a slow and somewhat foggy bass" - I would have to disagree. I'm using a 50 watt tube amp with mine (I used to have a 200wpc SS amp). The bass sounds solid and tight with both amps. It does sound a little loose with 50watts compared to 200watts, but nothing like foggy or slow. These speakers are known for their high quality bass at a reasonable price.

I think the ultimate would be to biamp with a ss high power to the bass and a tubed (triode) at about 30 wpc. You'd get the best of both worlds.
I am currently running a BAT VK-60 but used to have a McCormack DNA-1. I was very pleased with that combo until I was lured away by tubes.
Find a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 on the 'Gon. You can probably get one for around 2K. It's a little over your budget, but you shouldn't deny yourself. The V4Jr's are one of the best speakers I've ever heard. Give 'em good juice! If you insist on solid state, look to others for advice. I only advise using tubes.
I second Jack's suggestion: The Bel Canto S300. Wonderful, tight and clear.
what about Audio Research D200 or D240
what preamp are you using?
Thanks for all the responses.
Audiotomb: I am currently using a Lexicon DC1 as this system is doing double duty as a home theater. Currently I am using a 5 channel Harman Kardon that is bi-amped to my vr4jrs so my surrounds are currently disconnected. The HK will be used for surrounds and zone two and the new amp will power the mains. My budget has been modified downward to under $1000. Thanks, Wade
You still might find Classe and Bryston amps around or less than 1k.