Ayre AX7e MP vs ARC CD3 mk2

Can anyone compare and contrast these two players? I currently own the Ayre but am switching to an ARC system.

Please let me know your opinion if you have compared them. I certainly don't feel like I'm missing anything with the Ayre, but I always strive for good system synergy. Should I stay put or go for the ARC?

The Ayre is less than a year old and under warranty so I need to know details before making a foolish move.

I have a C5xe-mp and an LS26 and have been very happy with the sound that I get. The dealer that I bought the ARC from also sold me the Ayre and he has stated that I would need to get into at least a CD7 to gain much. I also don't want give up SACD or DVD-A so I am waiting till a universal play comes along that can to the C5xe-mp. As far as synergy I don't feel I am missing any with the combo I have.
Thanks for the reply Theo, I am using an SP16 and CX7eMP combination and agree with you on the good synergy between these components. It probably doesn't warrant the effort to list, pack, ship, have to deal with warranty issues etc.

Any other comparisons?

Ayre is known for state of the art digital gear with its minimal phase filter, and ARC is known for state of the art amps and preamps. It would be wise to keep Ayre front end and ARC amp combo.
I have over the last few years,become convinced that ARC offers at, or near state of the art, at very resonable prices.I think the CD3 is a great player,and impossible to beat at todays used prices($2200 on A'gon).The ARC stuff is bullet proof,and they will repair it FOREVER!.Read any review of the CD3mk2. That will tell you all you need to know.
Thank you for the thoughts. I can't find anything wrong with the Ayre and agree than it is a state of the art player. I'll try to search out members that have the ARC and might want to trade for a while.

Efner, I don't think ARC will repair the CD1 or CD2 anymore. I'm not sure about repairs to the CD3. I think all high end manufacturers should service products for longer periods but I guess you are SOL when they pull the plug.
"I guess you are SOL when they pull the plug."

I'm confident Ayre will service any product they've ever made.
Hi Bjesien,
ARC will still repair pieces they made back in the 70"s!
Efner, I know they repair almost anything. However this is the quote taken from the site about earlier model CD players that I was referring to. I'm sure they would do whatever they could.

From ARC Website:

Owners of CDT1 transports and CD1 and CD2 compact disc players should call Audio Research Technical Service (763-577-9700) before sending any of these models to Audio Research for repair. Certain repair parts are no longer available for these models. To avoid the expense of needlessly shipping a non-repairable unit, please be certain to call Technical Service beforehand.
I just went from a ARC CD3 mk II to the Ayre C-5 XE mp. The most immediate difference is greater detail retrieval with Ayre and more weight with the lower frequencies. The ARC had slightly better dynamics and was more engaging when played at high levels. I would stay with Ayre CDP although the ARC is a great player.