Poll...Ayre V3 versus Pass Labs X250.....

Need to get some feedback which is a better amplifier in an overall sense. Want to settle an argument with a friend. TIA
Hmmm...better is subjective. I have owned the Pass XA160 and Ayre MXR monoblocks. In the end I preferred the Ayre because I appreciated the clarity and dynamics. To me the Pass was a bit softer in its presentation with a warmer sound. Lots will also depend on system synergy as well.

Both are quality products, and as Tboooe said, it is dependent on system synergy and subjective to one's personal preference. IMHO, I prefer the Pass.
Your kidding....right? Are we still in grade school?

This is like having a disagreement with a friend over whether chocolate or vanilla ice cream is better, so we'll put it to a vote from the rest of the class. Who cares what the rest of the class votes for, in the end, you and your friend will still prefer your chocolate or vanilla.
Another pointless thread that was not carefully examined before hitting the submit button. Whose wife is prettier?
'Cmon. The OP has enough respect for this forum to ask for opinions and gets a smackdown instead?

There are five choices:
1. I like Ayre
2. I like Pass
3. No opinion
4. Too close to call
5. This thread doesn't interest me so I'll move on

We're trying to have a civilization here people...
I think my wife is pretty attractive. Only problem is she hates my stereo. Does that count?
I think your wife is pretty attractive too Bruce. ;^)
Or.. who's hotter.. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?!
But Jim ... she hates my stereo. Let's give her a -2... :(
I think they all hate the stereo, because it takes attention and $$$ away from them. Sorry, can't deduct points just because you married a woman. ;)
I would need to see a pic of Bruce's wife to make the call ... on the looks side of things with the amps, the Pass gets my vote! look at those love handles!!
Next time around, I'll marry my amplifier. What the heck ... everything goes today.
One things for sure, many of these threads start without giving associated equip, personal taste.... I think if the OP gave his speaker, there would be something here.
The Ayre wins. No question. It does twice as much as the Pass. You can get it in black or white. The Pass only comes in grey.
The Ayre wins. No question. It does twice as much as the Pass. You can get it in black or white. The Pass only comes in grey.
Black is too dark, white is too bright, and grey is just right, so the Pass wins!