AYRE V-5xe + BAT tube preamp


I would like to know if someone has tried the following : Ayre V-5xe + BAT tube preamp (VK-32 SE or above) and is this a good match ?

Thank you for your answer
I have used BAT preamplifiers and ARC preamplifiers almost exclusively. My opinion, the Ayre will bring out a presence of warmth and detail, not often found.

My preference is for Bat Power amplifiers because the ones I owned are triode operation, where most ARC is usually tetrode.

With the preamplifiers, I take a bit edge with ARC, those which use the 6DJ8 tubes. This will do well with Bryston amplifiers, as well Ayre, but if you have the new ‘super tube’ I think Ayre is your best bet. The big 200 watt a channel, into 8 ohms, is very good!