Avalon Acoustics Ascent MKii value?


I found someone who is selling these Avalon Acoustics Acent MKii speakers.  Giant, grey/silver.  And I simply have no idea where to start in terms of making hi an offer that is fair to him and leaves room for me to easily sell them for a profit.  Any tips or any resources where I can find out more information about valuing these would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Who are you the speaker flipper.
Yes. I own a virtual record store and sometimes people have stereo equipment they would like to sell.  I want to pay a fair price.
I can respect that,
I would'nt give more than $3500.00 and they would have to be a solid 8 in condition.

I would proceed cautiously though because these are'nt the most desirable avalon's. They are a good speaker but not great.

If you can get them at a lower price though I think you could do ok.

Best of luck to you,

Try HiFiShark https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=Avalon+ascent
Thank ya'll for the info.  Any idea what I would be able to sell them for if I wanted to price them low enough to move quickly?
$4500.00 to $5500.00 if they are a solid condition 8.

Oh and that is 4500-5500 total for both correct? Not each.
For both,

They are a good speaker but not avalons best and even though the new cost was about 25k They will be a tough sale used even if they are in very good shape.

The woodwork needs to be very good and all drivers working properly,you probably want to test them out.They also are a very heavy speaker weighing at least 130 lbs each.

Used speakers are really tough to sale.

Thanks for all of your help Kenny.  One more thing, you say wood work,  these are like all silver colored.  I am guessing they are wood but is that normal for these to be the color silver or does it tell you anything about the year?
I was  wrong on the weight they actually weigh 175lbs each,very heavy.

All the Avalon brand models normally have very nicely finished veneered woodwork,somebody must have painted the pair you are looking at,possibly to hide flaws.

This speaker was made in the early 90's,so they do have some age to them.Again I would proceed very carefully with this deal.

I'm not going to mention any brand names but just as a example that used speakers really lose there value,I have a 6 yr old pair of speakers that I'm going to be saleing this year, they are in really good shape and they are a popular speaker.I paid 14k new and I know I will be lucky to get $3500.00 for them.

They have to be something really rare to demand big money,That's just how it is unfortunately.

I hope I helped you avoid a costly mistake,

Thank you for the info!  
If I'm not mistaken Avalon Acoustics did finish some early models with a durable flat grey finish. There may be issues replacing some of the early drivers. Using the serial numbers one could email them for any serviceability issues and their original finish.    

With maybe $2500.00 good  luck with resale that may never happen pass them up big time as they are history!!
The finish is called nextel. It has a textured feel. 
Ascent Mk IIs are one of the classics. It's been years since I've heard these but I'm confident they still rank among the better speakers made.
Gray is the cheap crappy finish and it does not sound as good as the solid wood.
Did they ever make the Ascent with Nextel finish? I thought that was reserved for the cheaper models. The Ascent was one of the more expensive speakers available at the time. Hard to imagine someone wanting to save a relatively small amount of money when the veneered version looks so much better.
Pass, you will get burned....