Boulder 865 vs. Arye Acoustics Ax-5 Twenty

Has anyone own or listened to these two integrated amps ? Which one would match better with the Aerial Acoustics 7T Loudspeakers or other recommendations. My dealer has both amps to hear.
I suspect there will be a synergy between the Aerial and the Ayre, but at this level your dealer should have no problem letting you take both home to demo in your room.  Then you can tell us which one you think sounded better.  :)  Enjoy and good luck; you are choosing between excellent pieces.
I would also consider the Plinius Hiato or 9200 w/Aerials. Michael Kelly was recently at my local dealer giving a demo of the 6T and he used Plinius seperates which included the pure Class A Plinius 125 amp. An excellent combo.