Aurender N100C - alternative apps?

Hi there fellow a-goners!

Bought myself an N100C, and found myself completely at a loss: the only way to control the device -it seems - is its original Conductor app, which exists in its full form ONLY for iPad. I use Android devices, my wife has an iPhone. No iPads.

The Android Conductor Beta is...well, below par, to say the least. It has no artist list, and no Tidal streaming control. Crappy app.

No app for iPhone.

Are there any alternative apps to control the Aurender?

Ideally something like a Sonos control app: beautiful, absolutely brilliant in its simplicity and usefulness.

Thanks for your help. Don’t let me down, please, as I am already prepared to sell the damn thing...

I am sorry to say but you should have done some research before buying N100C. Aurender recommends using an iPad to fully take advantage of its amazing conductor app.

IMO, it would be a mistake to sell the N100C, buy an iPad and enjoy one of the best sounding streamer currently available.
Hi ja_zz,

The Aurender app for Android phones can sort by songs, albums, artists or folders.

Just use your thumb to swipe from the left edge of the screen and a menu will reveal the sorting options.

There is also a tab on the top menu for streaming.

Swiping from the right edge of the screen brings up the menu for scanning and settings.

The app for Android tablets are as crappy as you say.

Enjoy the Music!
J. :)
The DAC that I currently use makes no difference between the Sonos and the Aurender, they just sound the same . The author tells me the input signal is processed in a phase- adaptive manner. PLL, I suppose,  is the name for this processing. So,  since they sound the same with my Sonos,  what's the point in substituting the user interface perfect Sonos for Aurender with its limited usability?

I will look into this,  thanks for the advice. 

An iPad is really the only way to go with an Aurender, but you will be awarded with a great controller app.  I suggest you buy a used iPad mini and use it just as a remote.   You can pick one up in great condition for less than $200.  I would much rather spend another few bills then to sell the unit. In fact, thats exactly what I did.  Also, if you were to sell it, you're going to lose out, since you would not be able to get the original price for it.  

I find it quite odd that you hear no difference in SQ between SONOS and N100C. I have owned both components and the difference is day and night. Of course, every system is different. If you don’t hear any audible improvements then keep SONOS.

I also suspect that your DAC is probably the weakest link in the chain cause I know stock SONOS Connect digital out is pretty ‘average’ at best.

The Aurender costs $3299. An iPad can cost $250. Worth it.
I Absolutely concur. 
However,  what I am talking about is as follows: my DAC is so good at reclocking the input signal,  it makes even an inferior SPDIF signal sound good. 
I found a used iPad at home.  Will try some more. 
So there is no alternative app. Ok.
I also found no way to transfer my files from a NAS to the internal storage yet. The Aurender internal drive that appears on the mac desktop as shared does not open. 
Will try some more computer voodoo on it. 

Please refer to transferring music section of the manual,

I had my music stored on a 2TB USB drive. I was able to transfer my music onto N100 internal HDD by simply connecting USB drive to one of its USB port. The app should then prompt you to ‘COPY’ music stored on NAS drive to N100 internal HDD drive. 
Thanks. I read this part of the manual.
I am working on it. Not there yet. 
Sorted it all out. 
The Aurender Conductor app for iPad is quite functional, but, IMO, it still is inferior to the Sonos app, both for Android, Mac and iDevices.
Copying my 400Gb files to the aurender as we speak. 
Shame that no other app can work with this device. 


Glad to hear that that you were able to copy your files.

The Aurender servers are designed to work with the Conductor app only. Once you get familiar with the app, I am sure you will love the app as much as I do.

The SONOS has been in business lot longer than anyone else. They have been perfecting the app for over 10 plus years 😊

Listen to N100C for couple of weeks, then switch back to SONOS and report your feedback.
Sure will, thanks.
Well, with all due respect,  the folks at Aurender could have looked at the best there is and imitated it or even bested it. Not the case. 
Will report.
Gentlemen, has anyone compared the N100H to the Sonore MicroRendu? If so,  your impressions?

Is there a way to delete songs or album on the Aurender?  Also, why can't Aurender stream with Spotify?  I love the sound of my Aurender N100H, but these are the 2 frustrations I have with Aurender.  Thanks.

Is there a way to delete songs or album on the Aurender?

You can do this on your computer :-

Type Windows + R -> type IP address of your N100H
-> Music 1 folder -> Album folder -> delete albums
-> Album tracks -> delete songs

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Jon.  Will give it a try later today.