ASR Emitter owners .What speakers are you using?

I just purchased a Emitter Exclusive one with battery second hand.
I find the Emitter impressive and thrilling on a wide range of music.

What I'm looking for is a full range speaker up to $20,000.

They must excel with vocals and acoustic instruments.

Truth in timbre is what I'm looking for.
I would like to add.

The listening room is just shy of 900 square feet with high vault wood ceilings.
Its a timber framed home entirely constructed of wood,stone,lath and plaster walls.

My new listening room was made intentionally as a library years ago complete with two ladders on wheels, designed and built by the original owners.
There is one large single leaded glass window near the peak of the end wall.

"The acoustics in this room are remarkable".

I have to take full advantage of this without going over board on spending.

We live in a rural area afew hours drive to any high end audio dealers.

I'll have to arrange a in home audition of acouple or three brands of speakers.

Thank you ASR owners for your suggestions.
I have owned your amp (very nice) and many, many others as well as many speakers between 10-20k.
A pair of ESP Bodhran SE's or the pair of ESP Concert Grands that are for sale would sound great with that amp. (I have nothing to do with ESP or the gent selling the Concert Grands)
I do not own the ASR Emitter but here are some suggestions from Taiwan Audiophile forum(

MBL111 and 116
Genesis GII
Avantgarde Trio
B&W 801

Check out Emerald Physics CS 2
Thank you for your response guys...
I heard the ASR driving NOLA Viper Refs at Lyric in New York. One of the finest sounds I've ever heard.
Your a very lucky person to have an ASR....
Al , Thank you for the kind response.
Still waiting to take delivery for my T.W. Raven record player.
I have never heard a solid state amp drive Quads, I'll try it and see.
My search for new speakers will have to ace my overhauled Quads in the timbre department.
Thats really going to be tough act to follow.
"Stilty",I have heard the big Emmitter driving the HUGE Nola Gran Ref(at a client of mine).The amp(integrated actually)was about as good as anyone can possibly "need".It was "real/visceral"!

It was dynamic,low noise floor,amazing inner detail,best highs I have ever experienced,most importantly the dynamic flow of music was not squashed(especially on such a big speaker)and to find any "realistic" faults would have been just silly,IMO.Also,and amazingly,the bass towers of the HUGE Nola's are very demanding,but the Emitters driving them(seperately)really did them justice.Whew,I am still pressing my slacks -:)

Oh yeah,forgot to mention how "way cool" looking they are too....They'd look great around Christmas time,in a room with no lights on.

IMO,all of the ASR stuff is superb!

Best of luck
Thanks for chiming in.
You lucky duck to get to listen to such a speaker system.

Initially I had no intentions on buying a solid state anything until I heard this ASR Emitter at my wifes cousins home.
My wife is Irish with family spread all over Europe, we visit her parents and others when we can.
The speakers I heard using this amp were the B&W 800D, I'm pretty sure that was the model.
By the end of the first cd ,I was hooked.
Then we waded through some vinyl.
I just hope I can spend lots of time with all this new stuff.
I have the Emitter I Exclusive with battery (2005 model). I have used it with the Nearfield Pipedreams Model 18 to drive the towers (with a separate Bryston amp for the bass). The combo produced an exceptionally beautiful sound, with tremendous dynamics, and with far more detail than any other amp I have used with them. Nowadays I use the ASR to drive a pair of Dunlavy Alethas, and the performance is positively killer! This system is not nearly as loud as the Nearfields, but it's difficult to imagine reproduced sound getting much more accurate AND musical than this.

As Dunlavy has long since been out of business, in-room auditioning is going to require you to buy a used pair. But with your budget you could easily go for SC-V's or SC-VI's.

Enjoy your new ASR! You're at the top of the heap!
Thank you for your reply.

I did a search here on Audiogon for ASR Emitters, somehow your reveiw did not show up....Good job on your reveiw.

Still waiting to take delivery of my TW Raven table,I just got word that it will arrive at the end of the month.
Can't wait to get up and running again, however I still have work to do yet.

I'll have to check Dunlavy out.
Thanks again for chimeing in.
I have heard the amp mostly with European Loudspeakers. The best combo with this amp was the definately the Audiaz SARIA.Superbly built with a sound to
Thank you for your response, I will check these German speakers out.
i have the ref 21.. After coerrenc problems between sub´s and towers( for bass as Craig Oxford advice i use QSC PL 6) for the towers i used Tenor OTL 75w, Halcro dm 59, ML h33 always coerence problems
now i use a pair mono´s GP ( OTL`s 550w each ,made in Portugal)incredible,the best i heard till now..
if you want go AVCAME
I'm no writer but I just couldn't keep this to myself. I am absolutely blown away by the performance of the ESP Concert Grand Si speakers driven by the ASR Emitter II Exclusive. This combination represents the best I have ever heard this speaker perform. The upper frequencies are more extended, sweet and airy. Midrange continues to be natural but there was a greater sense of presence to the sound. The overall sound is more pure in a way I find difficult to describe. It simply didn't matter what type of music I played. This combination is simply a wonderful match as the speaker literally became a living breathing thing. I am truly impressed. I could only expect the same performance with the Emitter I Exclusive on the Bodhran SE.

Let's talk about bass. I used one of my reference tunes by the YellowJackets ( Live Wires, 1992 - Track 9 - Wildlife ). This is a live recording and I literally felt like I was in the audience. The percussion, bass and audience came to life in a manner never before experienced in my 25 x 15 x 8 foot music room. The CGSi loves the power. The sound is organic and there was a natural height to the performance. The presentation was wide and the soundstage deep with layering you could nearly walk into. With all due respect to John Mark's experience, I never agreed with his limited bass comment as the CGSi's bass was never any less than tuneful and controlled in my room when driven by the highly respected Lamm Reference Electronics. However, with the ASR driving them, the bass was even tighter and very very deep. Mr. Marks would easily retract those comments if he heard this tune on this speaker and amp combination in my room.

Although unit comes with two good power cords, my experience is that it's performance was transformed even further with the Argento FLOW cords.

Here's the system:

ESP Loudspeakers Concert Grand Si
ASR Emitter II Exclusive B
Esoteric X-01 Limited SACD/CD player
Argento Serenity Reference Interconnects
Argento Serenity Master Reference Speaker Cables
Argento Flow Power Cords
Shakti Hallographs
Critical Mass Systems PXK Isolation Systems
Critical Mass Systems Black Label Reference platform

I heard the ASR Emitter II in RMAF 2008 driving Xavian speakers which was very nice with excellent sound and very good build quality. The only other speakers to excite me was from Tidal. But they're not in your price range.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who is buying or owns ESP speakers, consider, no go out and buy, the ASR electronics and, if possible, connect them with Argento cables (of course this applies the other way around). You won't be sorry.