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"Fun" Speaker As An Alternative To Revel Salon I
Want fun? Another harman product, JBL Control 29AV-1. 
Best high end monitors?
Since no one here seems to have read the crucial line "the rooms...... seems to retain bass", I would put in a Manger Swing along with your JL subs. The Swing on its own does not play below 100Hz and hence will smoothly roll out to a pair of subs,... 
best loudspeakers for full Gryphon system
The Cantata is a sealed system using a Q controller and will help you bass issues in the small square room. 
Anyone heard the Gryphon Trident?
The bass amp is Class A/B in the Trident. I asSume you have a large room, hence the question regarding the Trident. It is best with an all Gryphon rack. However if you have other electronics, and want a semiactive speaker, then I think a cheaper o... 
Anyone heard the Gryphon Trident?
Well for one thing it has an enormous dynamic capability. It has a very controlled and focused soundtage that is very large, coupled with precise imaging. The tone is as good as what a state of the art dynamic loudspeaker can do. It is very neutra... 
Manger HF dispersion, distortion specs
Why don't you try the Manger studio monitor itself. I suggest if you want the ultimate Manger speaker, then talk to your distributor and get Daniela Manger's help to build it. As far as Overkill Audio goes, then I must say Derek Wilson has put in ... 
Amphion Xenon vs Usher 6381
I would go for the Amphion Prio 620 over either of the above two choices. 
best loudspeakers for full Gryphon system
The Gryphon Cantata will complete your setup like no other, as it is Rasmussen's personal speaker too. 
Anyone heard the Gryphon Trident?
Superb, but only on an all Gryphon rack. The trident truly is astounding.I agree that the altantis is crap. 
Next step after B&W 802D
I would seriously consider the Manger Swing. 
What is the best speaker for a smallish room?
A very important aspect is that you are currently using electrostats, hence you will always desire an unboxed feel. I would suggest a pair of Manger Swings with a Zerobox subwoofer. The Swings do not play below 100Hz, hence a small room like yours... 
How important is the speaker/room interface?
I would like to mention that the best system I have ever heard, was one where the loudspeaker system was built into the room. This is the monitoring system at Focus Studios in Denmark. Robert E Greene described it in an Absolute Sounds article a f... 
Stereophile claims about Magico
Honestly I haven't heard any Magico loudspeakers, so what I write is purely hypothetical.Besides the drivers ( lots of new drivers come into existence annually) , everything else is normal loudspeaker technology taken to the ultimate execution pos... 
B&W 800 vs McIntosh xls 360 vs Dyn Audio S5.4
Buy a combination of the active Adam Audio Tensor series. This will save you from purchasing the amps and allow you to equalise in your less than perfect space(they have in built parametric EQs). Besides none of the above brands come close in perf... 
ASR Emitter owners .What speakers are you using?
I have heard the amp mostly with European Loudspeakers. The best combo with this amp was the definately the Audiaz SARIA.Superbly built with a sound to match.www.audiaz.de