Are some of us cultish in our beliefs

We only want to talk on certain amps and not consider others. There is the BAT groupies, the CAT groupies, the per amp deal of the century groupies, ARC groupie
Which groupie are you?
I am a Cayin and Jadis groupie.
I worship at the Church of Linn. My only heresy is to replace the speaker connectors on the K400 cable with locking WBT angled bananas. For that, I will burn in Linn purgatory, which has a Bose system constantly playing in order to torment the unfaithful infidels.

Speaking of cults, I'm also a reformed Druid. What's the difference between a reformed Druid and a regular Druid you ask?

Well, ...we worship bushes as well as trees.

We don't have to paint our face blue during the annual Beltane Festival.

And the doesn't have to be a virgin.
No, not at all. All of us are cultish in our beliefs. I'm a music groupie, prefer acoustic jazz of the 50s and 60s, classic rock, opera and bluegrass. No Barber, no Krall, no Cole, no Monheit, no Jacintha and no no no Swedes playing dixieland. The good stuff sounds good on a table radio or car stereo, no need for amps made of anti-matter, wishes and dreams.
I am a registered DarTZeelian. I even have a nameplate on my amp and preamp in case they get lost. ☺
I'm Irridium Jazz Club groupie and other live performance venues.
It's located @W51St & Broadway in NYC.

I've been there on Carla Bley, Oregon, Jack DeJonette, Charlie Haden and many more jazz artists.

My other favourite rock hangout had went out of business which is Bottom Line Cafe on W4 & Mercer Sts.

The equipment they use basicaly doesn't matter since more of the sound you hear live and part through EV speakers.

The best acoustic venue I've been so far is Radio City Music Hall at Rockefeller Ctr NYC.
I'm a Viridian groupie. And Zu. And Red Wine Audio. And Srajan.
Cultish? How could you think such a thing!

Excuse me while I go sacrifice some virgin........vinyl....
Marakanetz, ever catch Les Paul at Irridium? Used to have a regular gig there. Even after the arthritis set in, the man could say more with two fingers than a whole band could.

Macrojack, a Viridian groupie?
OK I'll bite.
I guess becoming a classic Jazz (anything not smooth jazz) cult member.

And I'm looking to join Cult Cayin. Pretty nice what the chinese are able to pull off for the price. Now I don't know who makes these things as they may be branded and re-branded etc... I guess it's becoming like cars, almost every maker uses parts from and copies everyone else.

Bartokfan you've now given yourself free reign to start and praise in Cult Cayin, although I thought I saw you lusting after the lastest "brought to my attention" chinese import.
in addition to equipment preferences, there are sonuc preferences.

rather than be concerned about sound, i'm concerned about timbre. i'm a timbre "nut".

are there any soundstage , dynamics, timbre, bass, et al. "nuts" out there ?
Launche, yes i did break my commiitment to get the Cayin A88, as i saw the opportunity for the Xiansheng. But as you point out at these price points the Cayin can still bea possibility. That is if the Xian, due to arrive tomorrow, should not meet some expectations. If it does not, then I may not in fact get the Cayin , as it also has KT88's. I tried some EH KT88's in my JOR, and the sound was flat and just aweful. THe JOR has KT90's and offers a perfect balance with bass, mids, highs.
. The PV web site mentions this amp has bass, so we'll see.
If the amp turns out to be a dud, I'm only out of pocket $700, and may either list it (doubt it'd sell, but then maybe at $500, with the Cayin I;d be out $1200) or give it to a friend. When I say dud, meaning the KT88 is not the sound I;'m after for my classical.
The new opportunities offered from china are entriguing, and they seem to learn well.
Mrtennis- Your confession about timbral fealty is utterly on target although I don't see how you can differentiate it from a concern for sound.
I see soundstage as an entertaining but non-essential part of the presentation as it really doesn't occur much in live acoustic performances and can't occur in amplified venues. The other points about timbre, dynamics and bass are indisputable necessities in my opinion.
I think Bartokfan was actually seeking brand name loyalties however, and asking us to confess our brand name biases.
As is well known by now, I have fallen wholeheartedly for the Zu speaker line and have become a "Listening Post"/ dealer for their products as of last week.
I have always admired cleverness as I see it in Zu designs and as I read it in Viridians comments. Hence the reference to being a Viridian groupie. Also greatly admire the input of Jax2.
What I hate about these forums is, cult or not people always seem to back a product and say stupid enough stuff that it hurts the rep of that product.
I'm a disciple of the timbre, phase and timing accurate so for me, when it comes to speakers, Thiel and Vandersteen are my only options now. All other non-speaker brands are fair game though.

And I agree with Undertow; when it comes to brands try to keep it positive or not say anything, except of course I encourage folks looking at other speakers brands to question why a speaker manufacturer intentionally will reverse the phase of some of the drivers in order to "make it sound better." Talk about intentionally screwing up the music content playback of a recording...
I'm a Deja Vu Audio groupie, once you set foot in that store you're hooked! I highly recommend it to anyone in the DC area, even if you're just visiting., and no I'm not affiliated just a very happy customer.
Steve, there are other options. Green Moutain, Quad, etc..
I'm a Bartokfan groupie. I used to be a Carl_Eber groupie. Man, she really knew her stuff.
I do miss Carl_.
Put me in the B&W cult.
As often as we come here to Audiogon, guess we are all in the choir, preaching aside.....
Where is the 1.Son of GOLDEN EAR?
The Maggies are in the western end of the temple,with the entry door on the east facing.
Some people are open minded and willing to listen to anything others like something special(their view) and focus on that. Why should it be anything different in audio than politics or food.
I was a member of the Maggie Cult, and I suspect many will show their faces as their are maybe the most loyal bunch of owners. I escaped camp for a while but will return when I get the space to do then justice.

At the moment I am most intrigued by "soundstage." Mainly just having a setup that allows the music to breathe and layout into the room. I imagine most setups don't allow speaker positions to really allow the music to unfold. At the moment I get bother when I listen to systems that seem to have a congested or closed in soundstage. Personally, I've been looking for a thread to further explore this topic.
I would never join a cult that would have me as a member.

(Credit to Groucho Marx)
Les Paul is still there every Monday but I'm more onto the avantgarde such as Sun Ra which could be also heard in this venue once in a while.
I could also be an ECM label(including Watt) groupie since I always follow their new releases and got plenty of old ones numbering near or above 100 on CDs and records. I even don't pass their compilations. The spelling of E C M was always for me pronounced as MUSIC.
with respect to timbre, i find that the quad esl presents a very life like timbral representation of an instrument.

i have spoken to several manufacturers who also concur with my opinion.
I am in Jadis (source.amps,preamps), MBL (complete systems), Dunlavy (speakers) (cultish) camp . Wilson (speakers) also impresses me lately.
I am into the booty worship cult ot BAT club.