Anyone with experience with ZU products?


I would like to know has any one out there has any experience with Zu's product(power cord, interconnect etc.)? My friend mentioned this brand to me but I can't find any information in this forum and find just very general info. from other web sites.

Thanks for your input.
I have experience with a few of their interconnects. I think the Oxyfuel is one of the best values available in cables today. Their customer service is also excellent. Check out their website at
Excellent service, very nice people. I tried the Wax and Julian speaker cables, and with them in the system, the music sounded rather lifeless. Many other people love their stuff.
I use ZU Varial, Xaus and Wax with my Pass gear, I do prefer NBS power cables. I am very happy with the quality construction, sound & customer support. A good value. Check out eBay for good prices on new cables.
I use Oxyfuel interconnects in my second system. Very pleased with the performance/price. Excellent construction but rather stiff. I used the Warmouth interconnect in the main system for quite a while also. I found it to be very detailed and neutral. No experience with their speaker cables.
I use there power cables so far happy for the money and they have gotten a bunch of good reviews. There are better out there but don't know of much for the price.
I am impressed with the tonearm cable I purchased, I also bought Julian's and liked them but had results similar to Boa2 and ended up keeping the Goertz which the ZU was going to replace.

Very well built and an excellent company to deal with. They frequently sell on ebay and sometimes you can get good prices to try them out.

Have Fun
I have enjoyed all the Zu cables I've tried, and I had fun buying some on auction at eBay. Good deals to be had there, but even at full retail I think the Zu cables are very competitive.

I've owned Warmouth, SV1000 video cable, Ash digital, and Pivot. I still have the Pivots and the SV1000. I'm hoping to find a Mobius for my Sennheisers.

Zu service is second to none--they really are great.
I have the following Zu Cable products:
- Pivot mini-to-mini and mini-to-RCA cables
- Bok power cords

I had the Gede RCA interconnects and the Julian speaker wire (bi-wired).

I think the company and service is superb and the quality of their products is excellent. Their products are good value for the money. Obviously, take advantage of their money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
i have a zu mobius for sennheiser and had zu pivot, gede, bok and mother. can't really comment on power cords, but for the interconnects IMHO they have a very strong 'copper' sound.
but yes zu has excellent services and well-built products.
I had and tried in my sytem:Varial XLR and RCA interconnects;Ibis and Vax speaker cables;Mother PC.Agreed with Boa2 and Steelhead-Even after 250 hours break-in sound was lifeless and flat.Power cords(Mother)sounds pretty good for this money,but stiff and thin.To my opinion,ZU use cheap materials as internal wire and connectors.But Zu servise is outstanding,that's true.Looks very cool too.
I have many Zu cables in my systems. I am using Ibis speaker cable for WP5.1 and also have Libtec speaker cable in other system. I use Mother II PC for Shanling T200c SACD player,use Bow PC for power amps and Varial MKII RCA and XLR for CD to pre. All in all, they do sound good to me, very musical, lots detail, never slow down the music.
BTW, I also have AQ sky, Cheetch, Kalamanjero cables and I use Harmenix DC PC cable for my preamp with Electraglide Epiphany for power conditioner. I am not saying the ZU cables are better or same as these cable but the ZU cables sound very good in my systems for MUCH LESS money.
The Mobius cable is generally regarded as the finest headphone replacement cable in the industry. See

The Varial sounded good while I used it (about 100 hours), but then I switched to XLR not much comment there.

The Ash coax cable is previous cable (Kimber) gave occasional errors (according to my Benchmark DAC1 status lights), but the Zu Ash is rock solid.

Their service is excellent (they were happy to give my a custom BNC connector on the Ash cable). Their cables look great too.
zu mobius is a headphone bass nut's dream with a touch of warmth IMO.
I own the Variel Interconnects RCA and Balanced. I also own the Ibis bi-wired speaker cable and a Mother Power cord.
Though I have moved on to other cables , I thought they performed pretty good at the prices they could be obtained at.
We all need some cables for our NOT top of the line equipment.
Presently my Zu cables are in my Surround sound home theatre setup.
So many cables so little time. Well I had the time and the money and geuss who wins...MIT! Gee, who has the patents???
Dave b,
Which MIT did you end up with? I have never had a chance to use them.
Two of my best systems have had MIT 750 shotgun speaker and MI330 proline interconnect or MIT M1 speaker and M1 interconnect...M1 stuff is a little warmer sounding. Current S3 level and above outperforms most other cables regardless of price.