Anyone listening to the multichannel SACD’s ?

To try something different I recently purchased a few multichannel SACD’s. Initially the presentation was so different to the two channel that I have listened to for decades, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. So while watching a couple football games I rotated through the disks. Finally ,I turned off the TV and did some serious listening. Some like the “Best of Jacintha “are subtle with an ambience presentation that places you in the crowd. Others such as Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and Dire Straits “ Brothers In Arms” really move the instruments around. One of my buddies compared it to wearing headphones which I can agree with somewhat but to me the the more aggressive 5.1 mixes put you on the stage with the bands. You have the percussion behind you and the singer in front of you. My favorite song is the Doors “Riders On The Storm” which is terrific as the storm is all around you. 
I think some listeners will really enjoy these SACD’s but others not so much. What are your thoughts? Please only comment if you have listened to these multichannel disks. Lately ,I have seen too many negative comments from posters who never listened to a speaker, tweak etc.
Interesting post, you have certainly made me want to try multi-channel SACD. What are your 2 favorites so far?
Thanks mgattmch. Both the Diana Krall ones are good but the Dire Straits and Pink Floyd are my favorites. They are supposedly releasing “Dark Side of the Moon “ shortly which should be really interesting.
I'm not sure if AKUS live is multi-channel but that might be a good one. It sounds very, very good in 2 channel SACD. 
Yes I do listen to 5.1 sacd mix over HDMI in my ht rig.
OPPO into nuforce power amps.

Some I prefer to 2 channel, some not. Pretty even mix.

However my favorite that I own atm over 5.1 is Live In Berlin by Depeche Mode.
Ok, it is a BluRay Audio disc but the principle of the 5.1 mix is the same.

True sacd favorite in 5.1 would be Sacred Love by Sting.
I have always enjoyed the 5.1 sound on both SACD and DVD-A. It’s not availabile anymore but if you can find Roxy Music Avalon it is one of the best mixes.
I listen to 5.1 mix SACD via Oppo 205=>Anthem AVM-60=> AnthemMCA-525=>Triad Silver Speakers with a Triad dedicated subwoofer amp. The DSP on the AVM-60 helps 5.1 mixes really stand out because it allows the signals in the different channels to hit the LP "corrected". Here is most of what I own (at least the ones I can presently think of (they are not in order of preference):
1. Dire Straits--Brothers in Arms (Highly recommend)
2. Elton John--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Highly recommend)
3. Elton John--Tumbleweed Connection (Highly recommend)
4. XTC--Nonsuch (Highly recommend)(There is a whole Surround Series of XTC 5.1 mixed and produced by Steven Wilson--he is very good at his craft)
5. The Flaming Lips--Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Highly recommend)
6. Fleetwood Mac--Rumours (Highly recommend)
7. Depeche Mode--Violator (Recommend only if you are a big DM fan--otherwise you probably won’t catch significant differences in the mix IMO)
8. The Persuasions--Sing the Beatles (Not recommended)
9. Pink Floyd--The Dark Side of the Moon (20th Anniversary Edition)(Highest recommendation--If this 5.1 SACD doesn’t do it for you then you probably should forget about this medium.)
10. Bob Dylan--Blood on the Tracks (Highest recommendation)
11. Norah Jones--Come Away With Me (Recommend again only if you are a NJ fan)
12. Yes--Close To The Edge (Not recommended)
13. John Mayer--Room For Squares (Recommend)
14. Donald Fagen--The Nightfly (Highly recommend)(Disclosure--I’m a huge Steely Dan fan and it could cloud my judgment on this one--except for the fact that Fagen is a production perfectionist so--you’re safe)
15. James Taylor--Dad Loves His Work (Highly recommend for drummers--Steve Gadd’s drumming here is mixed terrific)
16. Derek and the Dominos--Layla and Other Assorted Songs (Recommend)
17. Paul McCartney--Live Kisses (Not recommended)(This is a DVD-A)
18. Bruce Springsteen--Devils & Dust (Not recommended)(And I own almost every Bruce Springsteen CD so that tells you something)
19. Roger Waters--Amused to Death (Highly recommend) (Technically mixed in Q Sound--but try it, you’ll like it)
20. Monty Alexander--My America (Not recommended)
21. Herbie Hancock--Gershwin’s World (Recommend)
22. I Ching--Of The Marsh and the Moon (Highly recommend) (recorded in natural surround sound--I don’t know what that means but this is a very very good surround sound SACD)
23. Carlos Kleiber--Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7 (Highest recommendation--this is one the best classical recordings of all time IMO and in surround sound its is intoxicating. If you are not a classical music fan listen to this SACD surround sound on a decent system and you will be--yes, it’s that good.)
24. Jarvi--Stravinsky: Petrouchka/The Firebird Suite/Scherzo a la Russe (Highest recommendation--again another superlative recording in 2-channel that becomes "you are in the Symphony Orchestra" in surround sound.)
25. Spano--Rainbow Body (Recommend for Classical music fans)
26. Spano--The Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Highly recommend)(It’s "Classical" but it is not--If you like music that stretches a genre without breaking it this should work for you)
27. Miles Davis--Kind of Blue (Not recommended) (I love MD but this is four channel and I don’t think the mix brings enough to the table--I own Kind of Blue in a standard SACD 2-channel format and Redbook CD and Hi-rez download formats too (and vinyl)--IMO every other medium I own is better than this surround sound mix.
Sorry for the long post--but I actually have listened to all these multiple times.

Outstanding list and some great albums.

Reminded me of one of my other favorite 5.1 mix,  Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. Stunning with volume set to kill.

Might have to look up some of your other recommendations.

Thank you
Thanks astewart8944! Great list and many that I wasn’t aware of .
I was listening to Norah Jones then Steely Dan while packing up my table to send in for upgrades.  Multi channel quality is amazing.  Some of the mixes can be really annoying when they move things too much.
Tubular Bells to me is the reference standard