Anyone hear any of the Morrow amps yet?

Just curious. I have the Cary 300SEI for frame of reference.
Just bumping this up.
Apparently, the manufacturer has, and really likes them.
Wow, I thought these boards were moderated.
See my response under the review. Best interpretation is that this is TTFW (too tacky for words).
Odd coincidence.

The manufacturer's "review" of his own amp was posted on 06-05-06, and Pawlowski6132 bumps it up on the same day.

Metralla, yes, this is a total coincidence! I was contemplating offering my Cary up for trade for one of these but didn't know anything about them. And I still don't!! BTW, I agree that the review posted by the seller is at best, guerilla marketing.
Notice also that I bumped up another forum message I hadn't gotten any response from. Not to mention, if I would have had lots of folks say the Morrow amps sound like crap, what good would have that done for Morrow??????