Any impressions? Morrow SP-3, Straley Reality

Hi guys, I've ploughed through many, many forum posts and have narrowed down my speaker cable choices to the Morrow SP-3 and Greg Straley Reality Cables.

I don't really have enough moolah to charge both to my card right now for the trial, unfortunately.

So I was eager to get any listening impressions for either cable - especially interested as to how you would rate either one in regards of clarity.

My strong preference is for a cable with tight, clean midbass.

I have owned both. They are pretty close in clarity, IMO. The Morrow cabling may have a bit more upper end emphasis, but it's a very small difference. Straley cable produced a little more weight in the music than did the SP-3, I imagine due primarily to its larger wire gauge.

Probably Morrow SP-6 would be a more apples-to-apples match regarding effective wire gauge, but since Mike Morrow no longer publishes effective gauge it's difficult compare based on this criteria.
Thanks for your thoughts, Tvad. Sounds like both are of similar quality.
You might also look into Clear Day Cables. I've owned Morrow SP-3, SP-4, SP-6 and Straley Reality Cable speaker cable, and I presently own Clear Day Cable Double Shotgun. In my present system, I prefer the Clear Day Cable.
I just picked up some Clear Day double shotgun from the classifieds. I like them, but I think it's really clear to me now I need to work on my source.

Can you tell me the rest of your system, and what interconnects you're using, Tvad?
Can you tell me the rest of your system, and what interconnects you're using, Tvad?
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I have tried both. The Mogami 3103 speaker cable is leagues ahead of both these cables for both musicality and neutrality.