morrow cables?

Anyone have these for speakers, components? Feedback?
Replaced two A Zen power cables with Morrows ... not sure that they're better, but quite certain that I'm keeping the Morrows without doubts or regrets ... soon to switch to Morrow biwires ... for the right reasons.
I am using Morrow Audio Reference speaker cables (SP2), interconnects (MA2) and AC power cables (MAP2) in my SET system and in a bedroom system. The sound quality is outstanding. Keep in mind that the MA2 interconnects are not shielded, so you will have to be careful to route the interconnects clear of your power cables so that the interconnects do not introduce a hum into your system. The MA1 interconnects are shielded, but I don't have any experience in using those cables.

For the speaker cables, the bi-wire cables offer the best sound. If your speakers aren't set up for a bi-wire configuration, Mike can still double up the number of conductors and just terminate the speaker end with a single pair of terminations instead of the four terminations used in a bi-wire configuration. The additional conductors yield noticeably higher quality sound in my audio systems.
In response to Cincy Bob... The MA1, like the MA2 is NOT shielded. The cables have a tight twist which acts like a shield, reducing noise and hum. Our phono cable, the PH1 has a 100% foil shield.