Anybody willing to admit?

Another bit of fun I hope.
A while back my local dealer told me of a customer he had who spend serious amounts on his system (vinyl)but had only about a dozen LP's.
Anybody willing to admit about a particularly small record collection?
On a more interesting level anybody so fussy or precise about the music they listen to that their collection is honed to perfection?
I have about 130 records, though I don't have a turntable at all, nor have I ever....but one day I will!
I mean CD's too...
No - in fact, I'd have to admit to just the opposite, the inability to get rid of titles I don't like. I'm "only" approaching about 1000 CDs, so maybe it'll change as it becomes more obvious that there has to be titles I don't like / never listen to, but so far it's pretty much if I buy it, I keep it. The only exception is when I hear somebody say they love something I don't care for and that they're going to buy it - then I just give it to them for the brownie points. I'm the same way with books. -Kirk
Hmmm some day I will have to sell part of my digital and analogue collection, but I'm lazy to place my ads on the net.
I've never used to keep more than 150 records and sold whatever I've listened and bought something new. Whatever records I can get again later I would sell to pack up my shelves with something new that I'd like to listen or listened a long time ago.
Now I own 700 vinyls where at least 30% I don't listen anymore and want to sell.
I only have 12 Opera cd's, and don't like or listen to any of them. I shelve them (7 are box sets) on top of my CD bookcase, not even on the shelves, which must be used for more valuable disks, and they are gathering dust. I should sell them I guess, but what is a record/cd collection without at least an entry for opera?
Two things I accumulate is LP's/CD's and wires (I have a box of wires and don't have a clue what to do with them all). I listen to half of the music I own as it is, yet still keep buying more new titles. People with 5000 LP's certainly have their hands full, I have no idea how they would have time to ever listen to even a portion of them.
I don't know the numbers but I have what seems to me like a lot of CDs and records (and DATs, and even some cassettes!). Just about everytime I've gotten rid of something I've regretted it, although I do come up with schemes to "simplify" fairly often. So, I'm holding on to all my music. To those that can travel lighter in this world, my hat is off to you!
Your question reminds me of the old definition of an audiophile that went around years ago: a guy who owned $25,000 (or insert your own higher amount) of audio gear and 20 copies of the "1812 Overture".
I sold all my music last week to upgrade my cables.

Sincerely, I remain
I had 3000 LPs 2 years ago but I sold many on eBay and I gave away as many as I sold.Lots of good music but who has all that time? With the money I made I bought a mint Rega Planet(old style) I use to only have 6,yes 6 CD's but now I'm up to 18 CD's!
I usually play the same 5-6 LP's or CD's till I get sick of them then move on to something different.

Do you find that your new and exotic cables have improved the soundstaging, detail, and slam of the silence?
It would be difficult to choose more than a couple of hundred LP's to discard from my collection. This from what is probably near 6000, not counting CD's.

I purged and binged this collection over many years, buying things that amused me when I had extra cash, then evolving past that piece of music or realizing it was not important in the first place.

My library is now where I can pull any piece of music from the shelf, and be satisfied, provided my mood is not in conflict.

Most would not be considered audiophile quality, but all are musically important. I have many rare albums, such as the Beatles butcher block, with the plastic still on it. I know the value has gone way up, but I bought it the day it was released (from a department store) they had it and all the others like it pulled from the rack and ready to return to the distributor.

I have two signed M&K direct to disk LP's, one was never released, and only distributed as Christmas gifts. I have all the M&K releases in new condition. I have perhaps 20 original Blue Note Jazz albums, and some RCA shaded dogs.

In spite of the value of these rare LP's, I am more likely to play Tori Amos, Radiohead, Sarah McLaughlin or Kate Bush. I do love the Doors, and have every album they produced, first press or radio station promo. I have nearly every Lighting Hopkins release, much of Johnny Winter and all of Bill Evans. I have most of Rory Blocks music, all of Daniel Lanois, and all of Dead Can Dance, as well as most of the 4AD library.

Still love Elvis Costello, the 12" 45 RPM British pressings will kill most "audiophile" records. Love Yello and Man Jumping, and all of Bjork's releases.

Recently been listening to Daft Punk, Dave Matthews and Moby with my 15 year old son. Last year he discovered a group named "Sylver" who were popular in Europe. I love this (CD) and wonder why it never got air play in our market.

My love of a wide variety of music make is imperative to own a big library. If I had the time and money, there are several hundred LP's I would buy right now. Most important to me would be to find Carmen McRae Sings Monk on LP. Been looking for years for a copy.
I'll admit to finding some old 8 tracks in a boxfull of reel-to-reels but I sure had nothing to play them on (like I even *wanted* to). I was ready to pitch 'em but thought that someone somewhere might actually want them. Free for the shipping if any takers,; promise I won't laugh.
Hey Bob I may take you up on that, my grandparents collect 8 tracks!! They have about 1000 tapes and 5 players, its thier hobby!!
hey bob

hold up

I actually have a functioning 8 track player
and an old reel to reel and a wind up victrola I play 78's on (complete with wood speaker)

I would gladly pay shipping on some 8 tracks
what style of music?
maybe tireguy and I can split the collection
his parents get the welk, i get the stones and beatles ;-)

anyway _ I always have to have new material to listen to
and constantly am buying ear candy
I buy cd's (new and used) at a great used store here in New Orleans (Magic Bus) for 8-10 a pop.

I also have lots of Japanese vinyl that I have only played once and taped to my nakamichi. Have a Bang & Olufsen turntable from the early 80's in my bedroom setup that I never play
I dare to admit that keeping just 6 or several vinyls or CDs will not suit me since when I start listening(especially on weekends) I may pick up upto 25 recors and play them either whole or selective parts. I can even delay it for the next day.:)
Audiotomb-I think your right I don't think my 70+ year old grandparents would be into the "modern" rock of the the 60's ;), they favor true old school stuff, things that I sure as hell have never heard of before.
Tim I doubt that grandpa & grandma would care for these 8 track tapes: these are mainly 60's rock genre. I'll dig them up again for TomB; probably a dozen or so tapes from The Creme & Jethro Tull era, I think there's an old Pink Floyd too. No guarantees regarding condition; might be fun to play around with though. I'm keeping my R-to-R's as I'll admit to having 1/4 track & 1/2 track machines that still sound good even today.
I have some 100+ cassettes ( very good quality!)that I taped from CD's and before CD's were invented. I bought a good HX-PRO cassette deck for the rig, car, minisystem fully knowing I never gonna listen to thoes tapes.But Just in case...

Got some 50 + BASS CD'S (Miami sound) that chants bass, bass, bass throughout( annoying) but can't listen(most) but still can't get rid of them. But just In case....

My cerwin vega's (AT-15) sitting the garage collecting dust. Can't get rid of them...Old Infinity car speakers, amps in a box in my garage. WHY?

I have two HT system in the Family room. One the high end and the other the 11 year old Yamaha. One for casual and on for real HT experience. Two center speakers: one behind the other! Tons of 'gold plated radio shack cables' from old days. What the.... Just plain STUPID.
Through highschool, in the early 90s, I had roughly the same amount of LPs as I do CDs. I stopped buying LPs in college because I couldn't find anymore at Tower "RECORDS". My LP collection's growth stunted at about 100ish and my CD collection ballooned over 500. My system during this tme was a Nak 35wpc receiver, Luxman turntable, NAD CD player, and KEF q30 tiny floorstanding speakers.

Now that I've left low-fi and entered mid-fi, my LP collection is in the closet, my Luxman needs a new needle which I am too cheap to replace. My CD collection actually dwindled from 500 to about 100. I lost or gave away lots of cds I stopped listening to.

I wonder what will happen after I enter hi-fi. Maybe I might have 20 Chesky CDs and a few SACDs by jazz and blues artists I've never heard of and 10 versions of 1812's overture.