Any XTC fans?

I'm listening to XTC's "Apple Venus" right now. This is really good stuff. I believe "Skylarking" is the critic's favorite but "Oranges and Lemons" has always been mine. I've listened to "Apple Venus" five or six times in the past week and it's getting to me (in a good way). Why have I listened to it so frequently? My house is packed for an upcoming move and I only left 40 or 50 cds unpacked and this is one of them. Reducing your selection is not a bad thing as it brings you closer to some good music.
Tim, have been an XTC fan for years. Apple Venus is a reference for me. In fact, Boa2 and I listen to Knights in Shining Kharma when checking out changes to our systems. But Skylarking--oh! Skylarking--is one of my most listened to albums. Do you have it on MFSL gold disc? Makes a really well-produced album even better in nearly all respects.

And, hey, Art Dudley likes XTC, too!

Thanks for your post on such a good subject.
They've been on my A list for a long time. My favorite is English Settlement with Skylarking a close second.
Listened to my original UK/Virgin pressing of "Mummer" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it from front to back. I also very much agree with "English Settlement" (as long as it's the original double LP not that Geffen abomination). "Black Sea" also rates very highly in my book.

The drummer plays Tama drums in:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, sences working overtime.
That`s the only reason why I like that
skylarking . . . another fine example of rundgren production
XTC are well represented on the new Nuggets boxset titled Children of Nuggets. I wore out Nuggets 1 and 2 and bought Children... the day it was released. Tons of great bands from late 70 to 90 or so. In fact XTC as The Dukes Of Stratosphere kick off the 4 disc set with Vanishing Girl. I think you guys will like this set.
You bet, Geffen was the kiss of (fidelity) death on XTC in the colonies, may they burn in hell! On the lighter side all great mentions of The Dukes Of Stratosphere's 25 O'Clock and Psonic Psunspot, English Settlement on UK/Virgin with the textured cover of course, Drums and Wires on UK/virgin, Skylarking for me is a seamless psychedelic trip. I love that quality but to name a favorite is not possible from this devotee. Cheers!
My favorite album is Mummer side two. I have the early stuff on Virgin and the later stuff on Geffen. Skylarking is just to hot in the high end but it is a great album none the less. From Oranges to Lemons on it is Cd's that sound just fine. In fact I just ordered Apple Venus on your guys recommendation and just finished listening to Nonsuch this morning. It sounded great a little regal if that's O.K. to say. Cheers!
I predict your gonna love Apple Venus. Let us know after a few listens.
I bought "drums" when it first came out and had the chance to see'em at "the old waldorf" in SF in support. Great show and still like "drums". I've listened to tne newer releases and I hear the talent but there's not enough edge for me.
O.k. Apple Venus showed up today and after polishing, installing a CD Monster Ring, CD Stoplight and running it through the Bedini Clarifier I sat down and gave it a whirl. Can anyone name me another person who writes songs like Andy Partridge? He has his own distinct sound and boy can he write catchy tunes. I remember a time when anyone who wrote catchy tunes was compared to Lennon and McCartney. Groups like Squeeze,The Jam, Oasis and XTC have all had to endure the comparisons unjustly. Yes this CD sounds nothing like XTC's early stuFf and I think Andy Partridge with Oranges and Lemons and Nonsuch has created a sound that no one has explored. I have to say in Apple Venus I love how the horns are used in the songs as well as Oranges and Lemons and Nonsuch. They give a tempo that just punctuates the beat of the song constantly moving you forword. Case in point are the songs "River of Orchids" and "Easter Theatre". Songs like "I'd Like That" and "The Dictionary" could have easily been lifted from the Skylarking period. My favorite song is "Greenman" with "The Dictionary". I really like this, how it falls in place with Nonsuch or Oranges and Lemons will only tell as I listen to it more. My only caveat is that I wished they had placed an up tempo song between "Harvest Festival" and "The Last Balloon"or at the end of the Cd because it kind of loses it's energy by CD's end. Thanks for the suggestion people I mean with shipping it cost me under 5.oo in mint condition. Best 5.oo I've spent lately.
Try Andy Partridge and Harold Budds collaboration "THROUGH THE HILL" VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL.
Have been a big XTC fan since the early days. I'll echo Qdrone's comment that no one writes songs like these guys. In my mind, modern day Beatles. Sheer pop genius. So many great songs on so many albums. Respectable Street, Another Satellite, Dear Madame Barnum, Mayor of Simpleton, Books Are Burning, I'm the Man Who Murdered Love, Peter Pumpkinhead, Dear God, Church of Women, The Disappointed, The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul, Thanks for Christmas...

Tough to single out one favorite album - however, if pressed I'd be down to Nonsuch, Skylarking and English Settlement. Probably in that order.