Any suggestion of preamp for Pass' pwr amp X.5

(Other than XP-30 and Xs preamp.)

Budget: US$17K (brand new price)

- solid state,
- fully balanced,
- two main output, (adjustable output gain is more preferrable)
- separated power supply,
- airy, dynamic, musical, big soundstage, transparent, emotive vocal.

Please advice me.

Thank you so much!
any suggestion? thank you!
How about this one Olympia LXi

From its maker

Good Listening

SST Ambrosia
Coda 07x
Both would do a great job
I hope this helps,
The XP-30 is $16K, under your budget, and most likely the best match if you can put up with three boxes.

Why do you disregard it?
Why not the Pass Preamp?
In addition... I don't know about he SST Ambrosia, but I do know that the Coda, has adjustable gain, individually on each input.
Reply Ozzy and Don_c55:

I just want to know if there is anything better than XP-30 within this price range.

thank you !
You might want to check out the Purity Audio Design preamps. Lots of options in their range and have everything you are looking for and within the budget mentioned.

Disclaimer: I am associated with Purity.
Big +1 on the Purity. I predict you will be a 'believer' once in your system. Research or experience the sonics, quality and personal touch of the company leadership, and I think you will see. Impedance matching extremely favorable for SS amps. I have a CODA 15.5 with my Purity preamp, and the match is sublime.
thank you Response34's and Rtilden's advice!


Any more "solid state" preamps that you brothers would suggest me to match Pass' X.5 power amp?

thank you Ptss!