Any cartridges like Shure, but more exciting?

any cartridges that have the same fundamental musicality and fantastic tracking ability of the shures (even the cheap 97x and of course the v15mx) but have more musical emotional presentation? around 250 or so would be great... (i was thinking grado platinum, but i've never heard a grado track really well on the inner grooves... lots of SSS's)
I'd like to know too. Using the V15mx on a scoutmaster because it's the only cart I had on hand at the time. I'm considering the Shelter 201 MM cart as I'm using a built in preamp of a receiver at the moment. I'm upgrading slowly as I have the cash.

The Grado Platinum is not an "exciting" sounding cartridge. I suggest you look elsewhere.
Older Stanton/Pickering...or a Shure V15III with the JICO SAS stylus that so many in the Vinyl Asylum are raving about!

Are the carts you mention MC or MM? Could you elaborate as to sonic attributes as i am not familiar with these? I am looking for different and better carts which MIGHT best my Denon 103 and 103R.
Thanks for any suggestions.
hi psychicanimal... that may be the ticket i'm looking for! can you tell me a bit about what that might sound like? also, you mention the JICO for the v15 type III, is this talked about as better than the JICO with the type IV (that is also available?)... thanks
Omigosh! I had a Shure V15 type 3 about 25 years ago and it was really good sounding. I didn't think they would be available today.
I made searches in the Asylum because--after more than 20 years--my mother had saved my first two cartridges and gave them a while ago in a plastic bag! They are a V15III and an AT-15S, both without stylus. It turns out the majority of the people prefer the Type III over all the other V15 iterations, especially if the tonearm has fluid damping. Remember, not all 'technological advances' are such. One guy posted that the V15 III/JICO SAS combo sounded as good as his Denon 103, only different in presentation.

With regards to my Audio Technica, which is almost like an AT-20S owner stated it was bested his Shelter 501. It seems the classic MMs is where it's at and they're being rediscovered.

The JICO stylus is on my want list but finishing paying off two NOS super stereohedron stylus I paid a deposit for is the priority.


Audio Technica AT440mla. Do a Google search and I doubt you'll see a cart with more fans and virtually no negative reviews.

I tracks better than the Shures (using the HiFi News Test LP for objective results), much lower surface noise, great inner-groove tracking, and has the excitement you are looking for.


PS I own several Shures V15s and M97s, the 440mla beats them all (as well as some of my $400+ carts).
interesting, i had thought about the 440mla... but read a lot of folks describing it as on the brighter side of tonal balance? my general experience with audio technicas is that they are on the bright side of the spectrum (as opposed to grados which are on the dark side). i kind of prefer dark to bright all things being equal.

is this not the case with the 440?
I prefer dark meat. Guinea hen meat, that is.

The AT's have this fast, detailed HF extension--very true. However, the 440 is like the Shure M97's, mid fi. The real nice AT's are the upper end classic models: AT-15S, 20S, 20Sa.

The Shure are MM's, Stanton are moving iron like the Grados. I have high output MC, MM and MI cartridges. They all shine in different areas and like everything else, have their inherent weaknesses. I won't touch low output models with a long stick, though. It's too much of a hassle and expensive to get right given the ultra low voltages involved.

My favorite cartridge is my KAB modded Stanton DJ cartridge. Who would even thought it could be sooo goood?

>interesting, i had thought about the 440mla...
>but read a lot of folks describing it as on the
>brighter side of tonal balance?

I hate bright (vinyl, tubes, soft-dome tweeters are my favs).
The AT440ml *IS* bright. The 440mlA is just RIGHT.

Im currently using a V15 IV with the MR stylus. I also have a HE stylus, but seem to prefer the MR..Whats with this SAS stylus and whats the difference..where can it be found?..Thanks guys....Ken
If you want speed and dynamics try the Dynvector Karat17D2 Mk. II. Search ebay to find deals on new ones. Enjoy!
depends on your budget,

Lyra makes wonderful cartridges.
Dear Tapashead: I don't know which is your analog rig including phonolinepreamp but I think that the Empire EDR.9 could be a good alternative. You can find it ( new ) for less than 100dls on e-bay, I like it.

Regards and enjoy the music.